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Interview with Samantha Cayto 2016 on 25-October-2016

Author's Interview

Let's start with you telling us a little bit about yourself, Samantha.
My personal story is kind of boring, but a happy one. I’ve been married to my husband for over twenty-five years. We have three grown kids (although they still aren’t allowed to read my books), three dogs, and one chinchilla. When I’m not writing, I practice business law. I’m a born and bred New Englander who loves the ocean.

What would people be most surprised to learn about you?
Despite all that ordinary life stuff I just said, I’m also a practicing Domme. I kind of love tying a guy up and beating him. Fortunately for me, there are lots of guys who love being tied up and beaten! I tend to write MM BDSM, instead of MF, because I also love gay romance. I guess I’d like to be reborn as a gay man and a Dom.

When did you start writing, is it something you've always been interested in, or did it develop later in life?
I’ve always loved writing and made up stories in my head constantly. I went into the law to be “practical” but eventually realized that I’d never be truly fulfilled professionally unless I tried writing, too. I’ve been working at it seriously since 2002 and published my first work in 2009. I’ll never stop now!

Has it been everything you thought it would be or not?
Yes, it has. It’s work, for sure. The creative juices don’t always flow when I want them to, and it can be difficult finding time in the day to devote to it. But I love creating stories and I love that people read them. I still find it hard to believe that my stories are worth reading and not simply for my own enjoyment. I can’t thank my readers enough for giving me the chance and coming back for more.

How did it feel when you realized that your very first book was going to be published?
I ran through my house so fast to tell my husband that I slid on the hardwood floor of my living room and nearly conked myself out.

What's your favorite part of writing a book?
Given that most of my stories are erotica, you might think it’s the sex, but it’s not (although I can get myself kind of hot and bothered while writing my own scenes). I actually love writing dialogue. Given a chance, I might have pages and pages of just dialogue. I have to keep reminding myself to throw in some tags and descriptions, too.

Do you get time to read for pleasure? If so, which books do you enjoy?
I actually read on average two or three books a week. I love to read and always have my kindle with me. I like to read MM romance and erotic romance, pretty much the same genres that I write in. I also like MF romance, including cowboy stories and Regency ones, romantic suspense and paranormal. I have eclectic tastes, although there is always an element of romance in the books I choose.

Are there any other genres you'd be interested in writing?
I’m sticking with MM for sure, and noodling around a paranormal series set on Earth, actually.

Please tell us a little about your most recent release.
The Captive Pet is book four in the Alien Slave Masters series. This story takes us away from the original boys and incorporates a new one, along with a couple of secondary characters from book three, The Untamed Pet. I’ve delved more deeply into the rebellion among certain males in the Travian society as well as the naturalist movement I introduced in that same book. This rigid alien society isn’t as buttoned-down as the rulers believe. It’s starting to show cracks. The human colonists, too, you’ll see are mounting a defense against the occupation.

What can we look forward to in the future from you?
Well, I’ll be putting out at least two more books in this series, plus I’m hoping to put out next year the first book in that paranormal series that I mentioned.

Anything you want to say to your readers?
Thank you so much for letting me tell you stories! Nothing pleases an author more than knowing people are actually reading their words.

Samantha Cayto's recent releases
A dangerous game turns into unexpected pleasure…

Carter’s dream of running from his abusive family into the arms of the perfect Dom has been shattered. Virtually enslaved by a vicious arms dealer, he has to submit to any man his master gives him to.

Undercover agent Damien Crow is close to putting away the arms dealer he’s been hunting for years. All he has to do to gain the man’s trust is ‘play’ with the pretty boy with the frightened eyes and alluring corset piercing down his back. Being straight and not a practicing Dom, he has doubts he can pull off the effort. One look at his playmate changes his mind. The stakes are high, and he must put on a good show.

At first, Carter assumes Damien is just another brutal Dom to survive. But the big, brooding man reignites his passion and gives him something Carter hasn’t had in years—a safeword. It might be his last chance to enjoy being a sub and he embraces the role no matter what the consequences.

Publisher's Note: This book has previously been released as part of the His Rules anthology with Pride Publishing.

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Pride Publishing:

The Captain’s Pet (Alien Slave Masters 1)
When a distant planet’s ownership is in dispute, conquering aliens turn defiant human males into pampered sex slaves.

In a not-too-distant future, a lopsided war has led to aliens invading and occupying an Earth settlement. Wid is a young colonist who has been caught harassing the aliens. He and his friends are rounded up and sent to an alien warship patrolling the disputed space. His fate is to serve as a sex slave for the ship’s imposing captain. Wid, at first, fights against his enslavement, but soon learns that not only does he stand no chance against the much larger and stronger captain, he isn’t sure he even wants to.

Like all Travian males, Kell is bound by duty to defend his people. Having risen to the rank of captain, he nevertheless chafes against the boring and endless patrol of the space invaded by the humans. His misses his family and constantly guards against his scheming first officer. He sees his reward of a human sex slave as more of a nuisance. Yet the pretty, fair-haired human’s exotic allure is hard to resist. He finds far more pleasure in the use of his pet than he would like.

Kept naked and leashed, Wid’s days are filled with boredom, while his nights wrapped in Kell’s arms turn from fear into pleasure. Even as the humans plot their escape, Wid and Kell form a bond and their growing affection cannot be ignored. When tensions boil over among the aliens, Wid and his friends may be Kell and his crew’s only chance for survival.

Reader Advisory: This book contains sex scenes of both non-consensual and dubious consent, as well as scenes of violence, abuse and torture.

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Pride Publishing:

The Captive Pet (Alien Slave Masters 4)
When a distant planet’s ownership is in dispute, conquering aliens turn defiant human males into pampered sex slaves.

Frey Bjorkson is an orphan from New World Colony Five. While making a supply run, he’s been captured by a Travian privateer and kept as a pet. Brutalized, he fights to hold on to his sanity and hope of escaping. His hopes are all but dashed when his master loses him to another, scarier male.

Having lost his mate, Rone has given up his old military ambitions. Instead, he’s volunteered to pose as a privateer to root out the arms suppliers of the traitorous males trying to overthrow female rule. When he becomes the reluctant master to a human pet, he has little patience for caring for the scared, battered creature. That doesn’t stop him from wanting the boy, and, as he sets about claiming the human as his property, he finds himself getting in deeper than he’d intended.

Not only does Rone prove to be kinder, he also gives Frey his first experience with sexual pleasure. The way Rone makes him feel, physically and emotionally, confuses Frey. He fights against his growing attraction even while he struggles to learn just what his master’s true agenda is.

As Rone infiltrates the dangerous world of privateers, he reluctantly drags Frey in with him. He tells himself that he needs the cover of being a brutal slave owner, but there is no denying his growing need for the boy. As Rone’s mission heats up, the stakes are high, and the alien master and his captive pet will have to work together to survive.

Reader Advisory: This book contains sex scenes of both non-consensual and dubious consent, as well as scenes of violence, abuse and torture.

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Excerpt from The Captive Pet (Alien Slave Masters 4)
“How much is the buy-in?” Rone kept his face neutral, cool and disinterested, as if the answer made no difference to him. He’d been watching his quarry fleece idiots from their credits all evening by cheating at quaz.

The privateer, a male going by the name of Arpell, took his time to respond. Arrogance radiated off him like a stench. While most others in the disreputable male-only relaxation center set in the middle of a far-flung minor space station were likely impressed by the gambler’s name, Rone wasn’t. He doubted the male truly came from the caste his name implied. Out here, no one really looked too closely at someone’s pedigree. You could be anyone you wanted to be, pretend as much as you liked. Rone counted on that ability.

“Five hundred credits,” the guy finally barked out. He trained his beady eyes on Rone.

Mother, the male disgusted him and not only because of the cheating and the dubious work the male did. He was also layered in fat, an almost unheard of condition among males of their species and a testament to how much time the gambler spent sitting in his dirty clothes in the rank corner of the place. On a female, extra weight would have been lush and alluring. On a male, it spoke of slovenliness. If Rone weren’t so sure of the intel he’d gleaned through contacts around the Empire, he would never have suspected this guy was part of a sophisticated arms smuggling operation.

It didn’t matter what the cost of playing was. Rone had credits to spare, courtesy of the government. He waved his wrist unit over the credit register on the wall and sat down on the less than clean pillow across from his opponent. Like the other male, Rone had a role to play in front of everyone else. He’d cultivated his own persona of a privateer out only for himself, no one to fuck around with. As he sat, the leash attached to his belt tugged tight, forcing Preen to follow and sit on its haunches next to Rone.

Rone hated treating his companion with such blatant disregard, but that was also part of the game he played. Preen understood. It hadn’t taken long for Rone and the former pet of his mating sister to form an alliance born of loneliness and, on Rone’s part, grief. They communicated through mostly hand signals that, again, they’d developed themselves, although Preen understood much of what Rone spoke. The noises that Preen made didn’t translate into Travian at all, yet, after a while, the meaning of each sound had also become clear to Rone. Their hand signals allowed more sophisticated communication, however, with the added advantage that no one else understood their meaning.

Before the game began, Rone glanced to the far side of Arpell. Sitting in a tight ball was the male’s own pet. Rone recognized the species immediately—a human, a male one at that. Had to be. Even in this backwater place, no one would allow a female pet to be kept openly. With its face hidden within its arms, Rone couldn’t see the creature much at all. A curtain of long hair the color of bright starlight covered its head and fell over the arms wrapped tightly around small knees. Rone knew from his experience with his former house brother’s pet that humans didn’t tolerate Travian temperatures very well. Poor beast. Life with Arpell must be a misery, not that Rone had time to dwell on any sympathy he might feel for the human. He had a job to do.

Grabbing up the quaz pieces strewn before him, he nodded to Arpell. “First move to the dealer.”

The male regarded him with barely bridled glee, expecting Rone to be the next easy victim. For a time, Rone allowed himself to be just that, losing a few games and lots of credits. He pretended not to see the sleight of hand, moving pieces out of turn and substituting them with better ones. The effort, while impressive, was not hidden from his keen vision. The other players had either been stupid or chemically compromised—or likely both.

He shook his head over his latest loss and swiped in more credits, as if the large amount he’d already wasted didn’t concern him in the least. It got the attention of others in the place, one of the points to the game he played. Whoever supplied arms to the rebellion that still percolated within the Empire needed to notice him.

“You are a worthier opponent than I typically encounter,” Arpell said, leaning back. His meaty hand pawed at his pet’s head. A barely visible tremor ran through the boy’s body.

Rone hardened his heart to the sight and concentrated on his mission. “I’m new to this station.” He glanced around dismissively. “So far, this game is the most interesting thing I’ve encountered here.”

Arpell huffed out a laugh and made the next play. As with before, Rone let himself be cheated time and again. Then, having sufficiently lulled his quarry, he made his move. Arpell might be very good at cheating, but Rone was better. The look of surprise on his opponent’s face when Rone outmaneuvered him gave Rone the most satisfaction he’d felt in a very long time—since his mate had died, except he wouldn’t think of her or of the child she’d lost, along with her life. He didn’t allow any emotion to show in his expression. He simply continued his campaign of winning.

Arpell knew Rone had cheated. He could see it in Arpell’s eyes, yet what could he do? If he called Rone out on it, he’d open himself up to the same accusation. With so many others avidly watching their game, a quiet confrontation would be impossible. Rone didn’t want one, anyway. What he wanted was a pissed-off Arpell, in the hopes that he could leverage that into information when Arpell made a move against Rone. He would, too. All of Rone’s intel on the guy said that he was a smuggler, privateer, outright thief and a killer when crossed. Rone certainly hoped so. Physical fights had become a handy outlet for his anger and grief.

The crowd around them grew larger the more Rone won. He made sure to lose a few, as well, so that his winning streak wasn’t completely unbelievable. Eventually, though, he’d gained all that he’d lost and so much more. Arpell sneered down at the game pieces when Rone placed the winning one yet again. The male grasped the strands of his pet’s hair once more, the only sign of his distress. A small sound reached Rone’s ears, a whimper perhaps, although it was so faint that he almost thought he’d imagined it. Almost. He couldn’t afford to be distracted, however.

Picking up his pieces, he raised an eyebrow at Arpell. “Another round?”

Arpell licked his lips. “Your luck has certainly changed.”

Rone leaned back on one hand while he rolled the pieces in the other. “It has. I seem to have stolen yours from you.” The threat hung between them. If Arpell entertained the idea of calling Rone a cheat, he’d be on the receiving end of the same accusation. “If you wish to end the game…” He moved, as if intending to stand.

“No,” Arpell barked out. “I feel my luck will return. It’s only that you have temporarily cleaned me out of credits.”

Rone was willing to bet he’d taken just about all of them. “Then we can’t continue,” he replied, lacing his tone with a modicum of regret for the benefit of the onlookers. Once more, he began to rise.

“Wait. I have something I can bid.” When Rone merely stared back at him, Arpell shifted his gaze briefly to his pet. As he did so, he also tugged the boy’s head up by its hair.

A delicate face came into view, young and so beautiful that for a moment Rone believed he’d been wrong about Arpell keeping a female pet. But no, this was a boy with skin as pale as any Travian. When it… No, when he raised downcast eyes for just a moment, Rone caught a glimpse of ice blue ringed with white—and fear, before it was quickly banked and the gaze dropped again. Arpell’s brutal grip kept the human’s face up, though, on display. There were murmurs in the crowd and some lewd remarks.

“I don’t understand,” Rone said slowly. “Are you intending to offer your pet as a wager? If so, I’m not interested. I already have a pet.” He gestured toward Preen, who still sat quietly by his side. The little alien had endless patience.

Arpell’s expression turned nasty. “Ah, but mine is better. You can fuck it, and it knows how to suck cock. I’ve trained it very well, if I say so myself.”

Laughter broke out and more rude observations were made. Rone ignored it all, as he did Preen’s hiss. Rone knew that sound, and it meant his companion was pissed off. Small as it was, Preen could be dangerous when provoked. Rone entreated it to silence with a subtle gesture. He needed to consider this turn of events. His simple plan to provoke Arpell and gain notoriety hinged on beating him soundly and taking as many of his credits as possible. If Rone didn’t continue to play, another male would take his place. He could already see the speculation in some of those around them. The idea of owning such an exotic and enticing pet would prove too tempting. No one would win the boy, of course. Arpell would see to that.


He’d rack up more winnings, and all of Rone’s efforts would have been for naught.

“Very well. I suppose it’s pretty enough. If nothing else, I could sell it. Your move first.”

Arpell released the boy then leaned forward. “No, I insist the first round is to you.”

Idiot. He thought to gain an advantage by seeing Rone’s opening gambit and reacting accordingly. Rone could already see the extra pieces moving their way down the male’s sleeve. Really, Arpell’s cheating was amateurish compared to others—compared to Rone’s. The male was too full of himself to even realize Rone had maneuvered his extra pieces where he needed them while they’d talked. Winning would be easy. He just had to make it look hard.

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