Jude Dunn

gay romance and erotica • reflections on writing


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Jude began writing shortly after discovering the universe of fandoms. He fell head over heels in love with anime and pursued telling stories about characters he admired. Slash became yaoi became shounen ai (Japanese terms for m/m romance and erotica), and Jude grew his skills slowly. Two years ago he decided to try his hand at original fiction and found he had a talent for telling engaging gay romance stories that make people laugh and touch their hearts.

His day job involves editing for a niche publisher in Chicago, where he lives with a nameless, psychotic cat and enjoys fine wines, jazz, and the darkest chocolate he can find. His husband of ten-plus years is the delight of his life.

Jude writes in a variety of genres, from gay romance and erotica to science fiction and mainstream thrillers. His work is sometimes subtle, sometimes fiery, but always brimming with characters that tackle their challenges with an unwavering love of life.


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