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A Tangle of Secrets (Town of Superstition 4) by R.G. Thomas at Harmony Ink Press

Genre Gay / Fantasy / High Fantasy / Magic / Mythological Creatures / Wizards & Witches / Young Adult / Interspecies / Romance / Action/Adventure
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 16-April-2018

Book Blurb

Following the conclusion of his greatest adventure, Thaddeus Cane’s life is changing once again. He is finally reunited with his mother—and dealing with her dangerous new powers—and about to start the year at yet another new school. While he contends with making new friends and facing the school bully, Thaddeus’s boyfriend, garden gnome Teofil, spends his time locked in Leopold’s study, reading through the late wizard’s journals for any clues that might lead them to Lucian—Thaddeus’s murderous uncle—or finally give the Rhododendron family some answers about the fate of Teofil’s brother.

As his troubles at home and school mount, Thaddeus’s mood grows dark and he retreats from all those who have supported him in the past. Just when he thinks things can’t get any worse, the Bearagon returns to threaten not only Thaddeus and those he loves, but his new school acquaintances as well. This confrontation brings to light the last secrets from Thaddeus’s past, more than one shocking revelation—and more than one enemy.

Book Review

‘A Tangle of Secrets’ is the fourth and, from the looks of it, final book in this fascinating fantasy series about fifteen-year-old wizard Thaddeus, his gnome boyfriend Teofil, and their families and friends. Thaddeus has already been through a lot, is beginning to be able to control his magic, and is much stronger and more mature than at the beginning of his story. But a few hurdles remain: he has to return to the human world and master a new high school with all its challenges, deal with his mother now that she is human once again, help Teofil find his uncle and his older brother, and much more. As magical, action-packed, and suspenseful as ever, this novel focuses on Thaddeus’s mental and emotional growth as much as on his adventures. Oh, and I’d definitely recommend you read these books in order or you’ll miss too much of the back story.

Thaddeus just doesn’t seem able to catch a break. From running into the school bully on his very first day, to making friends with other “outcast” teenagers, to having to deal with uncontrollable urges to use magic (which is strictly forbidden since the un-gifted have no idea wizards exist), Thaddeus faces it all. Then there is the fact that he can’t spend much time with Teofil, who does not go to school, and that is not easy to get used to. Thaddeus is now truly part of two worlds, each with their own demands and issues, and figuring out how to navigate them both is not easy. His disorientation causes a lot of angst and anguish, even resentment and anger. Between all that and the emotional isolation Thaddeus experiences, I really felt for him.

Much like in the first three books, there is adventure, danger, and suspense. It all starts with a bus trip to another city, the one Teofil identifies in his uncle’s journals, and what they find seems to indicate their old enemy, the Bearagon, is still alive and up to no good. Teofil and some others are also off on a few trips to try to find Teofil’s older brother – and Thaddeus can’t go with them because of school and dealing with all the teenage drama you can imagine. And even though he learns to control his magic a lot better, the final confrontation is still a real challenge!

The author did a great job describing the world from a teenager’s point of view, especially in this book. Yes, it is a magical one, but the issues Thaddeus and Teofil face are very real. As they grow and mature, they begin to appreciate each other in new and different ways. And while much of it is painful, and they get close to splitting up, it is a necessary part of coming of age. As ever, their friends and parents play an active role in the events, and it was great to see them go through their own changes.

If you like stories about wizards trying to figure out how to live in two worlds, if you enjoy mysteries, suspense, and dangerous enemies, and if you’re looking for a read full of emotions, danger, and the troubles of a growing and changing relationship, then you will probably love this novel as much as I do. It ends in a very happy place and I was relieved how well things turned out for Thaddeus and Teofil. An excellent conclusion to a fantastic series!





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Format ebook and print
Length Novel, 260 pages/90078 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 26-December-2017
Price $6.99 ebook, $16.99 paperback, $16.99 bundle
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