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Alphabet Soup by C.B. Conwy

Genre Gay / Contemporary / BDSM / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 10-March-2018

Book Blurb

Andy knows exactly what he needs: scenes hard enough to take him out of himself. Then he meets CK, and everything is turned upside down. CK is relaxed and gentle and nothing like what Andy's looking for. Despite that, or maybe because of it, Andy's still attracted to the stranger.

CK is new to the city and the club, but definitely not to the scene. Andy's ideas of BDSM are very different from CK's, but there’s still something about the man that draws CK. Something fascinating and completely unpredictable. The results can be amazing scenes or complete disasters. Andy is difficult to get to know, and CK has to work hard to find the reason for Andy's erratic behavior. CK is nothing if not stubborn, though. He's very determined to help Andy, and Andy's ready for it, but there's so much Andy's trying to forget. 

Like the conscientious Dom he is, CK guides Andy's recovery, one scene at a time. Very much against his principles, CK finds himself falling in love with the man he's trying to help. Now he has to fight not only Andy's past, but his own conscience as well.

First Edition published as 'Alphabet Soup (Russian Bear 2)' by Torquere Press, April 2011. This edition also contains the short story 'I Like You' originally published as 'I Like You (Russian Bear 3)' by Torquere Press, May 2011.

Book Review

I really liked this book, which looks at the 'softer' side of BDSM. As this story shows, that doesn't mean it's not hard work, nor that it's any less hot for the participants.

CK is a great Dom, who knows exactly what he wants. He quickly figures out what Andy needs and gives it to him, one lesson at a time. Even when he gets emotionally involved, he never quite forgets about his sub. Well, with one exception, and that safewording scene was so well done, with such humor, it actually made me laugh. Not exactly the reaction I'd expected to ever have to a situation like that, but there you go. You have to read it to believe it.

Andy has a hard time understanding some of the things he learns about himself, nor does he accept them easily. He believes he needs hard scenes to take him out of himself, and struggles and fights so hard, because that is what he was taught. I loved seeing how he slowly comes to a very different image of himself and what he really needs and enjoys. Having CK as his Dom is almost as good as therapy (although CK is responsible enough to point out that it's not a replacement).

If you like stories with a slight twist, learning about a different kind of Dom/sub relationship, and hot men having somewhat kinky fun in and out of the bedroom, then you will probably like this novel.

I Like You

This is a very short story, and follows the events in Alphabet Soup.


It is a fun continuation of the story in Alphabet Soup, with some good additional insights into Andy and CK's life together. It is about one issue Andy still has, and I liked the way CK dealt with it - making this next step away from Andy's old life as an abused sub very hot for Andy. I really liked that CK got as caught up in the scenes as Andy in the end. Very nice!

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Format ebook
Length Novel, 225 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 17-September-2017
Price $5.99 ebook
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