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An Erie Collection by V.L. Locey

Genre Gay / Paranormal / Shifters / Romance / Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 26-June-2020

Book Blurb

You can now have all four of the Lake Erie pack novellas in this one reasonably priced collection! Included in the set are the previously released novellas: An Erie Halloween, An Erie Operetta, and An Erie Garden Party. To round off this whimsical and romantic shifter set is a brand-new novella, An Erie Uprising!

It’s been one wonderfully romantic year since skunk shifter Templeton Reed met Mikel Lupei, the alpha wolf of the Lake Erie pack. During that year, the two men fell in love and worked side-by-side to solve some tricky murder mysteries. They also opened up Lupei Manor, Mikel’s familial home, to other LGBTQ mystical beings in the Erie area. Sadly, being gay in the supernatural world Templeton and Mikel live in can be a death sentence.

During the past year, the magical world has slowly been coming unraveled. Civil unrest now runs rampant through the community as the lesser breeds revolt against the hateful dictates of the Elder Council. The uprising will surely touch every person residing in the magical world near Lake Erie. Will the flames of unrest and war consume everything and everyone Templeton and Mikel hold dear as well?

First edition of 'An Erie Halloween' published by Torquere Press, October 2013.

First edition of 'An Erie Operetta' published by Torquere Press, February 2015.

First edition of 'An Erie Garden Party' published by Torquere Press, April 2016.

Book Review

An Erie Halloween

'An Erie Halloween' is a super fun short story with some serious laughs, an interesting world concept, a sarcastic and snarky skunk, and hot, dominant lycan men. Templeton works for the Office of Transmogrification Registration and researches bloodlines for the supernatural, mainly shifters. Templeton is a polecat, a skunk shifter, and he hides who he is from all the other shifters and supernatural creatures that exist in his world. He can't hide it from the lycans, though, as their sense of smell is incredibly sensitive. And, unfortunately for Templeton, he has just been thrust into the lycan world.

Someone is targeting the weaker shifter types and it's set off a huge panic in their world. Templeton is attacked on his way home from work but is saved by the alpha of the Lake Erie pack, Mikel. Frankly, Templeton isn't real sure why Mikel rescued him as there is usually no love lost between Templeton and the lycans. After spending a slightly surreal night at the lycan's manse, and being reassured by Mikel that no one is after Templeton, he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, Templeton heads to work.

It came as no surprise that Templeton wasn't in the wrong place at the wrong time, but the author did a good job of hiding the real culprit until the end. The romance between Templeton and Mikel was sweet and I liked it. If you enjoy slightly offbeat shifter tales, then this might be the story for you.



An Erie Operetta

It has been a long time since I visited V.L. Locey's slightly wacky, funny, sweet, and sexy shifter world. If you haven't read 'An Erie Halloween', then I would certainly recommend it, if for nothing else but the background on Templeton and Mikel. It was nice to see them still so happy together, although I truly felt bad for Templeton, a skunk shifter, stuck living in the lycans’ mansion, surrounded by them all of the time. A little too much wolfiness sometimes. *grins*

Due to the restrictions placed upon all shifters and other members of the paranormal community, by the elders, it is forbidden for shifters of differing genus lines to date, i.e. lycans and skunks. And it is punishable by death to be caught in a homosexual relationship. Unfortunately, there are quite a few lesser breeds who are very unhappy these days, and the beginnings of a civil war are on the horizon. In fact, the number of murders of the pure blooded shifters who have lineage papers is most definitely on the rise.

Of course Templeton finds a murder victim while he, Mikel, Eddie, and Dave (the Lake Erie lycan pack) are at the opera house. When they notify OTTER, whom they all work for, a vampire appears who is an Agent of the Nosferarti, a very secretive division of OTTER. Vampires are the only members of the supernatural world who can read minds, which is mainly why they're despised by everyone. Vincente doesn't take long before he's ruffling through Templeton's mind and seeing that there's more to his and Mikel's relationship than just professional. Luckily for all involved, their secret is safe with this vampire as he only wishes a safe house for his male lover. It would appear that Mikel and Templeton's plan for the mansion to be a home for GLBTQ mysticals is beginning a little earlier than they had planned.

I enjoy the world building the author has created in this series. It is an alternate reality set in the thirteenth century, where there are servants, paddle boats, carriages, etc., but there are also the Internet, cars, and other modern conveniences. It's a very fun blend, actually. 'An Erie Operetta' was filled with murder and mystery, hot sex, and more revelations regarding the upcoming civil war. I imagine the next installment is going to focus even more on the issues between the haves and the have-nots in this world, and I'm looking forward to it. A highly enjoyable novella!


An Erie Garden Party

I have so much fun reading the novellas in 'The Lake Erie' series. The worldbuilding is entertaining, the characters are funny, sexy, and intriguing, and the plot is always enjoyable. I adore Templeton, a skunk shifter, being mated to Mikel, the alpha of the Lake Erie pack - talk about differences - and the fact that they've opened their mansion up to be a haven for GLBTQ members of the preternatural community is wonderful. I was looking forward to seeing how much trouble Templeton could get into in this latest installment.

It's spring time and Templeton is delighted to be done with the cold, dark days of winter. Mikel's cousin, Havel, has arrived from his home in Washington State, and Mikel is happy to have a family member in his home again. Typical Templeton, he stumbles upon a secret in regards to this cousin but promises to give Havel a few days to decide how to tell Mikel. And then the bodies begin to appear. It never ceases to amaze me how Templeton always manages to be right in the thick of things.

Because the dead are human, and very obviously mauled by either a wolf or bear, the Elder Council must be notified. They determine that a Nosferarti examine the minds of Mikel and his pack in order to get to the truth of the matter, sending Mikel into a lycan rage. He must set aside his pride and ask Vincente, the vampire Nosferarti who lives in their home with his male chosen, to be the one to perform this deed so the Council doesn't discover the homosexuality at Lupei Manor.

'An Erie Garden Party' is decidedly my favorite of the series so far. Such excitement! Mermen, a bear tracking a killer with a skunk on her back, full moon lycan sex the likes of which I wasn't so sure Templeton would survive, and so much more. The secondary characters are varied and I'm mad about Rugby, the majordomo, who is always appearing, very silently, and scaring the stink out of Templeton. A wondrous, funny, sexy story with an underlying look at preternatural society's prejudices against anyone different from the norm. Excellent work!


An Erie Uprising

Imagine my excitement when I discovered the author had written a brand-new novella in this wonderful series and was putting all four into one collection! It was a comfort and a joy to return to the Lake Erie pack and my favorite skunk shifter, Templeton, and his mate, Mikel, the alpha of the oldest wolf pack in existence. Their resident vampire, Vincente, and his chosen, Akio, are still residing in the wine cellar with Mikel and Vincente continuing their sniping back and forth. Rugby, the majordomo, is hilarious with his dry sense of humor and his ability to scare the bejesus out of Templeton by simply appearing at his side whenever Templeton needs something. I really adore this world the author has created!


Much to my delight, the author addressed the issues in the supernatural community in a way that is very similar to what is going on in our own political world these days. In this world the Elders have power, are greedy, wealthy, make all the rules, and also have very strong magic, probably death magic, that keeps the supes in line. There are also centuries of the peerage, i.e. wolves, bruins, and cat society, who are wealthy and lord it over the “lesser breeds”, namely everyone else. It finally all came to a head in this novella and I was thrilled to see Templeton, Mikel, the boys, Vincente, Akio, the household staff, and others within the supernatural world come together to fight this oppression. I know, I know, it’s a little hypocritical that they’re fighting oppression, and basically slavery, while Mikel has servants, BUT Rugby, Mrs. Dervan, and Eru won’t leave him even though he’s offered many times.


There is much action adventure to experience in this final installment with Templeton’s office being blown up— with him in it! —and Mikel and the boys being arrested by the Elders and held in their dungeons. No fear there, Templeton comes to the rescue with Akio and Ms. Tanner, Havel’s lovely she-bear. Watching my guys join up with other wolves, cats, and bruins to fight the Elders was very exciting although my favorite part was the “coming out” where members of these species all admitted to having “proclivities” that the Elders outlawed years ago.


I am sad to see the end of this world but I loved the resolution and the changes brought about by their victory. Much thanks to the author for a wonderful series that I love and will continue to reread over the years.





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Format ebook and print
Length Collection/ 4 novellas, 408 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 22-October-2018
Price $3.99 ebook, $12.99 paperback
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