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ANGEL (Fallen Angel 3) by Ella Frank and Brooke Blaine

Genre Gay / Bisexual / Contemporary / Artists/Actors/Musicians/Authors / Romance
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 13-May-2019

Book Blurb

As Fallen Angel embarks on their worldwide Corruption tour, frontman Halo is forced to deal with his newfound fame, as well as his intense feelings for his bandmate, Viper. 

Because now Halo has everything he ever dreamed of and one surprise he never expected: a boyfriend. 

And Viper has the one thing he never thought he wanted but found himself chasing down: a relationship.

From the very beginning, they were drawn to each other, but can these polar opposites find lasting love, or will their flame burn out?

Book Review

“Close your eyes, give me your hand, darlin\'. Do you feel my heart beating? Do you understand? Do you feel the same? Am I only dreaming? Is this burning an eternal flame?” ~ The Bangles, Eternal Flame
Halo, of ‘Angel (Fallen Angel 3)’ by Ella Frank and Brooke Blaine, is floored when, in the middle of a press event, Viper declares his undying love for him! For that matter, so is everyone else in the room. Killian and his other bandmates try their best to control the paparazzi and other people in the room and ‘herd’ Halo and Viper out of the room. Obviously, they need time alone to talk about their new status.

Even though they have only been apart for four days, it is like they were separated for years. Even though Viper hurt Halo deeply, after Viper’s sincere declaration of love, he cannot help but forgive him.  Halo knows he loves Viper, but, until that night, never dreamed that Viper loved him back, much less offer commitment and exclusivity. But the feelings are real and the promise in Viper’s eyes, leaves little doubt that Halo’s untamed, caveman-like lover, the man terrified of promising himself to anyone, has given Halo his heart. Viper is frightened, but he is demonstrating that he is willing to do whatever it takes to keep his “angel” by his side. That night, instead of their sex being frantic and intense, Viper wants to make slow love to Halo, showing him with every bone in his bod how precious he is and how much Viper cares for him. The question is, where do they go from here?

Although Halo realizes that things will be different now that their relationship is out in the open, he could never have imagined the shit storm that their coming out causes. Viper and Halo can’t go anywhere without the paparazzi following them, taking pictures and hounding them for comments, etcetera. When the band is nominated for not one, but four music awards, they are ecstatic, particularly Halo who has never even been to a music awards ceremony, much less been a nominee. The ceremony goes well and they are all on a high, until they go outside. One of the photographers starts throwing homophobic slurs at Halo, which makes Viper livid. Halo talks him down, begging him to ignore the man and not make a scene. Viper lets it go until the jerk pushes Halo and knocks him down. Viper tears into him breaking the guy’s camera and bloodying his nose. It takes several people to pull him off. When Viper calms down enough to realize what he’s done, he decides he has blown it, that, no matter how much he loves Halo, he would never want such a brute as a boyfriend.
Book three was another out-of-the-ballpark hit for me. I gained more admiration for Halo and even Viper for finally being able to face his fears, in order to hold on to the most special thing he would ever have in his life. I’m so sorry their story is over. I could read about them forever. Thank you, Ella and Brooke, for introducing me to Halo and Viper, who go right up there on my list of favorite couples ever!





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Format ebook and print
Length Novel, 223 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 25-April-2019
Price $4.99 ebook, $14.99 paperback
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