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Arresting Love (Wild R Farm 2) by Silvia Onyx

Genre Gay / Paranormal / Cowboys/Cowgirls / Shifters / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 20-January-2023

Book Blurb

Billy can manage a ranch with ease, but can he handle a man with claws?

I didn’t believe true love existed until I watched my grumpy boss fall head over heels. I’d told myself managing the ranch was my life, and I was happy to do it alone. Then I rescued Levi, a wounded shifter in desperate need of help, and something flared to life inside me. He’s my destiny, and I will do anything to protect him.

Heat sizzles between us, but as much as I long to act on it, I refuse to take advantage of him while he’s vulnerable, even when he begs me to.

As his past begins to catch up to him, I realize I might lose my chance to truly make him mine. We will both have to fight with everything we have to find the life we deserve.

First edition published under author pseudonym, Silvia Violet, December 2012.

Book Review

In 'Arresting Love' by Silvia Onyx, readers get to visit with Cole and Jonah, who are as sexy and hot as ever, and Billy, who is as lonely as ever. I liked Billy in the first book and felt sorry for him having to watch Cole and Jonah together. Billy is ready for a serious relationship of his own, but can't imagine finding the happiness that Cole and Jonah have; however, love sometimes comes where and when you least expect it as Billy soon finds out.

Billy is as stubborn as they come, but then he'd have to be to put up with his boss Cole. He's strong and determined and not afraid to stand up for what he feels is right. His moral compass is spot on. I greatly admired him for not taking advantage of Levi, recognizing what a vulnerable position he is in. He takes Levi in and does his best to take care of him even though the chemistry between them is electric. He holds off on those feelings, making all kinds of excuses, for longer than is necessary, but he wants to be sure Levi wants him for himself and not out of some kind of gratitude. Once Levi finally convinces him, there is no holding him back. The feelings between them are strong and the sex is sizzling. Billy believes in Levi and stands behind him regardless of what is happening.

Levi is an amazing young man who has had a very hard life. There is a lot of prejudice and misunderstanding when it comes to shifters and, as a mountain lion shifter, he's caught right in the middle with nowhere to turn. When he meets Billy, he's wary at first, yet he still feels the chemistry between them as well. Billy is too good to be true, but Levi really wants him to be as he seems. Levi realizes he's falling in love with Billy and sets out to convince him that they belong together. Billy's stubbornness is a huge roadblock, but Levi's cat has Billy's number and purrs his way into Billy's heart. I really loved that Levi purrs. It takes an amazing amount of trust for a human to be vulnerable when his partner could kill him with one blow if he lost control, but Billy knows Levi would never hurt him. Besides Billy's amazing trust, Levi is stunned that not only Billy, but the whole crew at the Wild R Farm is willing to believe and defend him. No one has ever stood up for him in the past and he's eternally grateful.

I enjoyed this story even more than the first in the series. Somehow a cat shifter was more appealing to me than a horse or wolf one. Even though the chemistry between Cole and Jonah is amazing, the fact that Billy is human and Levi is a cat shifter makes it even more special. There was a closeness, a tenderness, that isn't as obvious with Cole and Jonah, probably because Cole has a harder time expressing his feelings, although there's no doubt that he loves Jonah.


'Arresting Love' by Silvia Onyx is the second book in the 'Wild R Farm' series. While it can be read alone, there are characters and situations will make more sense if the books are read sequentially, which will enhance your reading enjoyment. I recommend this story to everyone who loves cowboys, shifters, action, adventure, intense sexual encounters, and believes there is someone for everyone. Thanks, Silvia! I can't wait for more adventures at the Wild R Farm.




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Format ebook
Length Novella, 174 pages
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Publication Date 20-January-2023
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