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Bandit (Salvation Kings MC 4) by Ana Night

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Bikers / Romance
Reviewed by nakin1978 on 27-March-2020

Book Blurb

Auggie aka Bandit is the treasurer and hacker of the Salvation Kings. With half the Henchmen now on their side, there’s much to figure out, which results in one of the former Henchmen staying with the Kings. Russell is the kind of man Auggie wants but needs to stay away from. There’s something about the big bearded man that draws Auggie in and as much as Russell scares him, he also makes him feel safe. His attraction to Russell is strong but acting on it means trusting the man and sharing parts of himself he’s kept hidden for years.

Russell ‘Skinner’ Jones used to know who he was. Then Ronin happened. He doesn’t regret leaving with Ares, but he knows starting over won’t be easy. They’re lucky to have the Kings’ help and there’s one King in particular that has caught Russell’s eye. One look at the small skittish man and he knows he needs to find a way to earn Auggie’s trust. Auggie’s been hurt in a way that’s left him with deep emotional scars, but that doesn’t stop Russell from wanting him. It only makes him more determined to prove himself worthy of Auggie’s love.

But can Russell keep Auggie safe when the monster from Auggie’s past comes looking for him?

Book Review

Ana Night really knows just how to draw me in. Bandit was such an incredible read. Both Auggie and Russell were such relatable characters. The things the have dealt with in their pasts is are issues that unfortunately a good deal of people have to deal with.


Now that a huge part of the Henchmen have double-crossed Ronin and joined forces with the King’s MC, things have been tense around the clubhouse. Especially for Auggie. He does not trust easy and having so many of them on his territory makes him nervous. None make him more nervous than Russell. Russell reminds him of someone from his past and that is very unsettling for Auggie.


Russell has been drawn to Auggie from the moment he laid eyes on him. With so much in the air for the former Henchmen, Russell is just trying to start over like the rest. He would love that to include Auggie.


The more Russell is around the more drawn to him Auggie is, but he also knows himself and that being in a situation he is not comfortable with can bring on his panic attacks. So when King comes to Auggie and ask him to house Russell for a few days, he is not accepting at first. Not one that likes others in his personal space, he is really going to have to step out of his safety zone to be able to do this for King. Little does he realize, this is what could be the most life-changing experience he has ever dealt with.


With being able to spend more time with Auggie, Russell’s feelings for him become stronger and stronger. He also realizes this is not easy for Auggie but at the same time, Auggie has decided to take a leap of faith where Russell is concerned and see where the attraction between the two of them can actually go.


Just when both men think that things are starting to work out between them, Auggie’s past catches up to him. Now Auggie is in danger and Russell will not allow anything to happen to him. Not only do they have to worry about that but Russell’s family comes knocking and now Russell also has to face the family he left behind.


Will Russell and Auggie be able to deal with all that is coming at them and deal with all the changes in both clubs? Is their relationship they are building strong enough to survive everything or will they fail in the end?


This was such a great read. I have really come to like one of the side characters, Ares. So I hope that eventually he will get a story as well. As far as Russell and Auggie are concerned, these two men are very much relatable characters. Auggie has past trauma that he needs to deal with and Russell has a VERY crazy family that he needs to figure out if they have a place in his current life or not. This was such an amazing read! I loved every minute of it. I truly look forward to whatever comes next in this series.



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Format ebook
Length Novel, 230 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 12-March-2020
Price $3.99 ebook
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