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Be My Valentine, Bobby Bryson by Geoffrey Knight

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Erotic Romance / Holiday
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 07-March-2019

Book Blurb

Valentine’s Day has long been a difficult day for widow and single mom Kate Madsen. But this Valentine’s Day is going to be more than just difficult… it’s going to be downright awkward. For Kate’s only child, seven-year-old Mikey, just stunned the small town of Elk’s Ridge by writing a Valentine’s Day card to someone name Bobby Bryson.

While the card sends teachers into a tizz and turns Mikey’s grandfather into a grumpy old man, Kate discovers over the course of one afternoon that she and her young son are about to begin a journey of questions, confrontations and hopefully one day… happiness.

In the meantime, will Mikey and his Mom make it through this Valentine’s Day? Will the innocent intentions of one young boy change the narrow minds of a stubborn, small town? And just who exactly is the object of Mikey’s affections—Bobby Bryson?

First edition published in the anthology 'On Valentine’s Day', January 2013.

Second edition published by Wilde City Press, January 2014. 


Book Review

What a super cute Valentine's story! Not traditional in any way, it's very unusual characters and plot line nevertheless express the Valentine's message perfectly. And each of the secondary characters, in their own way, have something to contribute and something to learn about the meaning of love, acceptance, and understanding that each new day offers a new chance to find love.

Mikey may only be seven years old, but he fascinated me. In some ways he is wise beyond his years, and, interestingly, it's because he sees things in the very simple way that children have of looking at the world. He is also very sure that he is right, and that there is nothing wrong with writing a Valentine's card for another boy. After all, he was instructed to write it for "someone he has feelings for". Good for him! Mikey is a great guy and with his quiet self-reliance of what he knows to be true in his heart, I am sure he will have a profound effect on the people around him when he grows up.

Luckily his mother is on his side – showing everyone what being a real mother is all about. It may take her a little while to understand what is going on, but once she does? She is a formidable ally for Mikey. She hasn’t had it easy herself, with her husband deceased after a car accident when Mikey was only two, but she knows what is important. I loved the way she puts the idiotic father-in-law in his place.

If you like stories that make you think, and smile, and maybe see the world just a little differently than before, if you enjoy reading about kids finding their way despite the resistance of occasionally stubborn or intolerant adults, and if you're looking for a read that is as wonderful and sweet as it is unexpected and no-traditional for a Valentine's story, then you will probably like this one.





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Format ebook
Length Short Story, 55 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 25-January-2017
Price $2.99 ebook
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