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Belkin Lake by Angelique Jurd at Small Black Cat Media

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Romance
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 27-November-2019

Book Blurb

Jason left his hometown of Belkin fifteen years ago and has never returned. But he's never forgotten Shaun or their time together. 

If he goes back, will Shaun want to speak to him? 

How can Jason convince him that the man he's become isn't as afraid as the boy he was? That he can be trusted and that this time - he won't run?

Book Review

“Forgiveness is not always easy. At times, it feels more painful than the wound we suffered, to forgive the one that inflicted it. And yet, there is no peace without forgiveness.” ~ Marianne Williamson

Jason and Shaun, of Belkin Lake by Angelique Jurd, fell in love in high school. They were young and naive; they thought that they would be together, that their love would conquer all. If only that had been true. When it was time for Jason to stand up to his parents, loving Shaun wasn’t enough. Feeling like a coward, Jason left Shaun, without a word of explanation or apology, much less a goodbye. Jason has never forgotten Shaun; he still loves him and hasn’t been able to love anyone else. Even if is too late, Jason has to give it one more try.

There hasn’t been a day that Jason hasn’t regretted leaving Shaun the way he did. The plans his family made for him, the ones that he left Shaun for, did not work out at all like he thought they would. Jason tried his best to fit into the mold his father wanted to pour him into, but he wasn’t able to fit. He had several failed relationships, mainly because
his heart wasn’t in it. It was back in Belkin Lake, with the only person he had ever loved. After coming out to his disapproving family, he tries to make his own way, but no matter what he does, without Shaun in his life it is not enough. Not that he thinks he deserves a second chance, but Jason decides that he has to face the truth and go plead for Shaun’s forgiveness.

Jason’s betrayal and desertion left Shaun broken-hearted and bereft, but it didn’t keep him from making the most he could out of his life. Shaun was miserable and cried for days, but he had the support of a loving mother who helped him get through it. Then he shook himself off and plunged into a life that made him happy. Currently, he’s the head librarian at the local library and is a respected member of the community. Besides his job at the library he spends his time volunteering for several other causes in the neighborhood. He has never forgotten Jason either, but despite his “annoying” lingering love for him, he has tried his best to move on. When, after fifteen years, Jason shows up at his office door, Shaun’s reaction is far from welcoming.

First of all, I think that Jason took way too long to figure things out and that Shaun is way more forgiving than I would be. Fortunately for Jason, Shaun, being the great person he is, was able to put aside his anger and reach deep down inside, to do what was best for both of them. Thanks, Angelique, for the heartwarming story with the critical message of the importance of forgiveness.





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Length Novella, 111 pages
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Publication Date 13-September-2019
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