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Boston Boyfriends by Margie Church

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Artists/Actors/Musicians/Authors / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 09-July-2018

Book Blurb

A hot hook up at a celebrity wedding leaves Porter Campbell wanting a whole lot more of gorgeous Stiegen Lange. Unfortunately for Porter, Stiegen's career as a voice over actor is skyrocketing, and a serious relationship isn't in his plans. Their hours together in Miami were more than a booty call for Porter, but what can he do? 

Stiegen finds solace in Porter's arms when his best friend nearly dies. Then, he organizes an unforgettable weekend of passion with Porter back in Boston. His feelings deepen. Saying good-bye to Porter gets harder every time, leaving him wondering whether his career can remain the center of his universe.

Huge misfortune comes Porter's way, leaving him to question his future and wonder whether Stiegen will be the man he can build a life with. Porter's in it for love and won't settle for less.

First edition published by Loose Id, December 2014.

Book Review

“Accept the things to which fate binds you, and love the people with whom fate brings you together, but do so with all your heart.” ~Marcus Aurelius

When Porter Campbell attends his sister's wedding, all he is expecting to do is show support for her; suffer through the harassment which he will most assuredly have to endure from his family, then go home. He did not anticipate meeting a man who would set his life on an entirely different course.

Porter meets Stiegen Lange, best friend of the groom, and is instantly attracted to him. Going against his normal behavior and somewhat sexually deprived, he has a one-time fling with Stiegen. Based on Stiegen's negative behavior afterward, Poter realizes this was a bad idea. He goes back to his life in Boston, resigned to never seeing Stiegen again; but this is not what fate has in store. Porter has a chance meeting with Stiegen which, instead of a romantic New Year's interlude, ends up in anger and resentment when Stiegen tells Porter that he does not have time to be involved with anyone. Porter walks out feeling hurt and rejected. He's had enough of that in his life and is hoping for more. Porter needs someone to love him.

Stiegen realizes he's wrong about how he's treating Porter and that his reasoning is a pile of garbage. It's not the way he feels at all. Although it would be difficult, he and Porter could maintain a relationship, but by this time Porter, who is stubborn beyond reason sometimes, refuses to have anything to do with him. When Stiegen's best friend and Porter's brother-in-law is seriously injured in a freak accident, it creates an atmosphere that strips away his mask of indifference and allows Porter to see the real person underneath. The question is whether it is enough to overcome their rocky past.

This is a complex story about two seemingly incompatible men with totally different approaches to life finding a way to overcome their difficulties. I liked Porter although he was quite temperamental at times. I wanted him to choose well and be happy. Try as I may, I never warmed up to Stiegen. He'd hurt Porter so much in the beginning that even with the heroic attempts to overcome their rocky past, I still had trouble caring about him. I did, however, want Porter to be happy so I figured if he's who Porter wanted, that's all that matters. If you enjoy reading about educational pursuits, wealth and fame, hot men and even hotter sex, then you will probably like this book. Thanks, Margie, for giving Porter and Stiegen their happy ending.





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Publication Date 31-May-2018
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