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Cold War by Keira Andrews at KA Books

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Athletes/Coaches / Romance
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 12-January-2020

Book Blurb

American figure skater Dev despises his Russian rival. Arrogant, aloof Mikhail is like a machine on the ice—barely ever making a mistake.

He’s also sexy as hell, which makes him even more infuriating.

Dev and his pairs partner have been working their whole lives to become Olympic champions. He needs to keep his head in the game.

The very worst thing he could do is have explosive hate sex with Mikhail in the locker room after losing to him yet again before the Olympics.

But you know what would be even worse?

Discovering that under Mikhail’s icy exterior, he’s Misha. Passionate and pent-up, he eagerly drops to his knees. His sweet smile makes Dev’s heart sing, and his forbidden kisses are unbearably tempting.

Dev must resist.

But he’s falling in love.

Only one of them can stand atop the podium. To win gold, will they lose their hearts?

First edition published by Loose Id as two separate novellas 'Cold War' and 'Holding the Edge', 2014.

Second edition published by the author under the title 'The Winning Edge', February 2018.


Book Review

Cold War
What I really loved, right from the start, was Dev's internal monologue about coming in second to the Russians, again, and how he wouldn't mind elbowing them off the medal platform. HA! I knew it! I would totally be thinking those exact same things. When you've worked so hard, you want to win, you want to see your country's flag raised, and hear your own national anthem. So, basically, I empathized with Dev immediately and liked him even more for his refreshing honesty.

What happens in the dressing room between Dev and Mikhail is hot, hot, hot, but also…whoa? What. The. Hell? Dev was angry about the judges always giving high marks to the Russians even though technically their long program wasn't that good and Mikhail got angry, told Dev he knew nothing, and shoved him against a locker. At which point there was kissing and a whole lot of rutting. Crap. What to do now? It's only a few weeks until the Olympics where Dev and Bailey will once again compete against Mikhail and Kisa for the gold.

Dev and Mikhail (Misha) can't stay away from each other at the Olympic Village nor during practice and their hidden lust for each other grows. Dev sees a different man than the cold, impersonal, arrogant Russian skater. Now he sees Misha who is warm, funny, vulnerable, and sexy. But what they're doing is seriously dangerous, both to themselves, their partners, their teammates, and their countries. I see bad mojo coming down the ice. Pun totally intended.

This was an exciting, drama filled short story with a lot of heat and ice (yep, pun still intended) that really captured my attention. I love the Olympic Games and have the utmost respect for all the competitors so a love story set around the winter games was simply excellent fun. Overall, a thoroughly enjoyable and sexy read.

Holding the Edge
'Holding the Edge' is the second novella this book, and I really enjoyed the first one, so I was excited to get back to Misha and Dev's lives. I was intrigued by the blurb, and the opportunity to see these two men sharing their daily lives, but, only to a point. I mean, now that the Olympics are done, and both skaters have turned professional, I assumed they would be out to the world. Not so, and this book was the chance to watch them struggle with this challenge.

Because of the Russian government, and its current hatred towards homosexuals, it's understandable that Misha worries about coming out in the public eye. He may no longer live there, but his family does, and Kisa, his skating partner, does. Dev is continuing in the skating world, although no longer competing, he runs the risk of not getting any more paid work as a skating professional. So they finally both have what they want, each other, and they're sharing a home on the beach in Santa Monica, and yet, their life together is only known to a very small group of people. Dev hasn't even told his family, mainly because they still believe that Misha is his biggest rival, and Dev's mom is still angry about the Olympics. So convoluted and messy. If they didn't love each other, I imagine Misha and Dev wouldn't bother.

This was a great sequel, and I hope that the author is planning more. Misha and Dev, along with Bailey and Kisa, are such vibrant characters, and I'll miss them. I'm looking forward to whatever might be coming. Thank you, Keira!






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Format ebook
Length Novel, 187 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 04-January-2020
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