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Darker Space (Dark Space 2) by Lisa Henry

Genre Gay / Science Fiction / Aliens / Other Planets / Erotic Romance / Action/Adventure
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 03-December-2018

Book Blurb

Brady Garrett is back on Earth. He’s living with his partner Cam and they’re raising his sister Lucy together. Life is better than some feral reffo from Kopa has any right to hope, and Brady knows it. He’s even grateful for it, most of the time. He loves Cam, even though he’s afraid that he’s not good enough for him, but he’s still having nightmares about the alien Faceless.

Cameron Rushton loved being a pilot once, and he still feels the pull of the starlight. He’s building a life with Brady now, and with Lucy. Life is good, even if it’s not without its complications. Both Brady and Cam are dealing with the endless cycle of interviews, tests, and questions that the military hierarchy hopes will reveal the secrets of the aliens who could very easily destroy humanity. They have each other though, and together they’re making it work.

But from out in the black, Kai-Ren is still watching and everything Brady and Cam think they’ve won, they stand to lose all over again.



First edition published by Loose Id, October 2015.


Book Review

"Some guys are meant to be heroes. I was never one of them."

'Darker Space' is the second installment in Lisa Henry's wildly fascinating science fiction series, 'Dark Space'. I loved the first book and fell in love with Brady and Cam, but I knew going into this book that everything was going to be different. I understood Brady enough to recognize that once he and Cam were back on Earth, all of Brady's feelings of insecurity and not being good enough for Cam were going to come rushing forward, and I wasn't wrong.

Brady was born and raised in a refugee township, a piece of reffo trash to some, while Cam was born to wealthy, educated parents. The huge disparity between their worlds is extremely difficult for Brady to deal with. That, and the fact that Cam would like nothing better than to be back in the black, piloting a Hawk, surrounded by stars, and if Brady never had to look at the night sky again he'd be thrilled. Oh, and the constant, never-ending interrogations by military brass didn't help either, but since Brady and Cam were still in the military there wasn't much to be done about it. To say it was a difficult adjustment would be a mild phrase.

"This time I wasn’t going to panic. This time I was going to do everything right to try to make sure I got home, and not to some fucking underground cell either....This time I wouldn’t be afraid of the black. I wouldn’t try to keep it at my back, because that was impossible. This time I’d look at it, whatever was looking back."

Much like the first installment there is a lot about this book that I can't, and won't, reveal because spoilers really ruin it for everyone else. What I will say is that once again the author had me riveted and I couldn't put this book down no matter how late it got. The direction she took me in and the revelations were mind-blowing and had me on the edge of my seat.

"As long as Lucy and Cam were still out there, I could face it. I could face all my nightmares. I might not do it like a hero, but I’d do it all the same."

I can honestly admit I didn't think the author could match the genius that was book one in this series. I was so wrong and I'm thrilled to say that. 'Darker Space' took me places I had no idea I would go and then it blew my mind. Over and over and over again. An absolutely phenomenal book that will definitely stay in my favorites pile. I really hope this isn't the last I've seen of Cam and Brady, but if it is, it was a hell of a good-bye.





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Format ebook
Length Novel, 204 pages/65000 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 14-May-2018
Price $3.99 ebook, $10.99 paperback
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