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Double Act by Foster Bridget Cassidy at JMS Books

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Artists/Actors/Musicians/Authors / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 12-March-2018

Book Blurb

Sean Stirling isn’t having a good day. Hearing snide comments on a photoshoot, he storms off, not caring that he looks every inch a celebrity throwing a tantrum. Things get worse when he falls on the ice-covered street. As a car comes barreling toward him, there’s nothing he can do to prevent his fate.

Luckily, Emerson Willis is there to save the day.

Emerson pushes the man from the street, then gets bamboozled into accompanying the stranger to the hospital. After Emerson sees himself on television, he realizes the man he saved is a pop star.

Now, Sean is smitten and eager to thank his rescuer. Emerson, whose mind is still spinning, can’t tell what to think about the sudden attention. Can the musician convince Emerson they’re made for each other? Or will Emerson dismiss it all as the passing fancy of a rich and famous man?

Book Review

“In some ways, we've been through something no one else can ever understand but the two of us... And it made me realize. We are always and absolutely better together.” ~ Cassandra Clare

Most people have a “how we met” story, but few have one as dramatic as Emerson and Sean of 'Double Act' by Foster Bridget Cassidy. When Emerson saves Sean from being run over by a car, he doesn't know Sean is famous. Emerson does not see himself as being heroic; he is just doing what he considers the right thing to do. Emerson has no idea that saving Sean's life will also save his own.

Sean Sirling has been in show business for a long time. He knows he should be used to it by now, but the insults slung at him during a photo shoot, about his cheating ex, is more than he can stand. He rushes out of the studio to get some air and to cool off before he does something he will regret. Sean isn't dressed for the cold weather; as he attempts to cross the icy street, he loses his footing and falls in the path of an oncoming car. Sean thinks he is doomed until a stranger, Emerson, pushes him out of the way. One minute he is terrified and the next he is looking into the most beautiful eyes he's ever seen. Sean is saved, but not without injury. His head is bleeding profusely and he is scared. Emerson calls 911 for Sean, but Sean begs him to stay until they come. Sean has a death grip on his arm. The next thing Emerson knows, he's hauled into the ambulance and is headed to the hospital. Emerson doesn't know who Sean is, but from the preferential treatment, he realizes he must be a celebrity of some kind and suddenly, Emerson is the last thing he wants to be—a hero who has just saved a famous rock star.

Sean is grateful to Emerson for saving his life. Sean talks Emerson into letting him treat Emerson to coffee, for saving him even though Emerson protests. When Emerson's driver drops Emerson at his house, Sean walks him to the door and kisses him goodbye. Emerson underestimates Sean because he seems so privileged and expects to get what he wants when he wants it, but as he gets to know him, he realizes that he is wrong. Yes, Sean is charming and flashy, but he's also generous and kind. But Emerson can't imagine what Sean sees in him and doesn't expect his infatuation to last. He tries his best to not get attached for fear that Sean will get bored in a few weeks and their relationship will be over.

Sean endears himself to Emerson by showing him that, even though his lifestyle is hectic and extravagant at times, all Sean really wants to do is have someone with whom he can who he can be “normal” and not “on” all the time. Sean wants someone he can watch videos with, and cook for, someone who wants him just for himself, without having ulterior motives. Despite his good judgement, Emerson falls for him and it becomes obvious to him that Sean feels the same way. Still, Emerson can't see how he could ever fit into Sean's world.

Foster has written an endearing love story between two men who, although they come from different worlds, come to see that it's what is in your heart that really matters. Thanks, Foster, for the delightful read. If you like stories with rock stars, guitars, dogs, heroism, goodness, and love finding a way, then you may enjoy this book.





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