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Double Down (Bad Boy Security 3) by R. Cayden

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Menage MMM / Romance / Action/Adventure
Reviewed by nakin1978 on 22-May-2020

Book Blurb

A mercenary with a mysterious past. A bodyguard, ready to fight. And beautiful Lawrence, just trying to have a good time.

Raiden doesn’t expect much danger from his new bodyguard gig. He’s a fighter, but this rich kid just needs someone to keep him out of trouble. Watching Lawrence wriggling his hips and flirting with other men stirs up feelings Raiden didn't expect. He tries like hell to resist temptation, but when a suspicious stranger keeps crossing their path, Raiden smells danger, and it sends him over the edge.

Being a mercenary on the black market in New York means that Cash doesn’t have much time for hookups, let alone relationships. So why does his heart skip a beat when he starts a new gig, trailing the son of a corrupt CEO? Sure, Lawrence is an angel with sparkling eyes, but Cash has a job to do, and a secret vendetta driving his every action. At least Lawrence has a hot bodyguard with a temper. It makes the game of pursuing the kid twice as fun…

Lawrence knows that no one wants to hear a poor little rich boy story, especially not from the son of a powerful, corrupt CEO. Instead, he buries his demons, gives the money from his trust fund to charity, and spends his days partying with friends. But when his bodyguard comes swinging at his new crush, Lawrence’s life spirals out of control.

With corrupt billionaires and crime bosses hot on Lawrence’s trail, will Raiden and Cash be able to put their explosive differences aside in time to save him?

Double Down is an M/M/M bodyguard romance and the third book in Bad Boy Security. It can be read alone, but is best appreciated as part of the series. Enjoy!


Book Review

This has to be my favorite book in the ‘Bad Boy Security’ series so far with the most heat between characters and the most danger and mystery.


Raiden is sort of concerned about his makeshift family falling apart when his best friend and brother by choice join his uncle Declan in his security company. Gray and Horatio are the only family that he has had for such a long time now, so he worries that Gray might leave him and Horatio behind. At the same time, he would never try to hold his best friend back. When Gray goes to Declan on his and Horatio’s behalf and gets them hired on with the security firm as well, he is relieved because both men had been sort of flapping in the wind without Gray to ground them.


Working for Declan has come with bumps along the way but Raiden, for the most part, likes the stability of the job, especially the steady income.


After a rather messy job Raiden is sure that he is about to be fired. Of course, Declan has something else in mind instead... a security job following around a party guy. At first Raiden is skeptical about the job but there is no way he is going to let Declan down again.


What starts off as an easy job, other than being attracted to the guy he is guarding, quickly turns dangerous when Raiden realizes that someone has been following both Raiden and Jameson. 


Jameson did not want to hire a bodyguard at first, but he allowed his friends to convince him that it is what is best for him. Jameson has found himself in some pretty sticky situations lately and is definitely in need of someone watching his back.


Jameson finds himself overwhelmingly attacked to his new bodyguard. This is nothing unusual for Jameson though, because he has been attracted to many men over the years. What is not usual for him though is the fact that his attention has not wavered any of the time they have known each other. The only other individual he is attracted to is a man he has recently met named Dixon. And weirdly enough he has the same amount of weird attraction to Dixon as he has for Raiden. 


Cash – known to Jameson and Raiden under the alias Dixon – has found himself between a rock and a hard place. He has a job to do which involves getting close to Jameson. The problem lies in the fact that since he has insinuated himself into Jameson’s life, he has gotten to know him and his bodyguard as well. Now he is in the unpredictable situation of liking both of them. So what is he going to do?


What starts out as an easy job quickly turns into something more dangerous. If Raiden does not figure out whether he can trust Cash, he may end up losing more than he ever thought possible. Cash needs to figure out how to let the two men in that he is falling for in order to keep them safe. 


This was such a great read. I enjoyed not only the back and forth between the three men but also the danger/mystery aspect of this read as well. I am not sure if Horatio is getting a book or not, but I really hope so because I love the reappearance of characters from prior books in this series. This was my favorite in the series thus far.





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Format ebook
Length Novel
Heat Level
Publication Date 28-April-2020
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