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Fool's Gold (Two Tribes 1) by Kristian Parker at Pride Publishing

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Mafia/Mobster / Romance / Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
Reviewed by Bob-O-Link on 14-March-2023

Book Blurb

Falling in love can be a deadly business.

Liam Moseley has been living a lie ever since he joined Manchester’s notorious crime boss Jonny Wellingham ten years ago. Liam is gay, and that could get him killed in the deadly world he has fallen into.


When he meets handsome Italian Marco Ponti, Liam’s whole world is turned on its head. Marco is in town looking for business opportunities for his uncle in Rome, and makes Liam see his life in a brand-new light.


But all is not as it seems, especially when Marco shows Liam the past isn’t always as it appears and the future can change in the blink of an eye. In a dangerous world where each job could be Liam’s last, he finds himself fighting for love as well as survival.


Liam will have to put everything he holds dear on the line to make his dreams come true.



Reader advisory: This book contains scenes of violence and murder. There are references to organized crime and homophobia.


Book Review

Bless the handy internet which, for deeply closeted Liam Moseley, allows safe flirting with online “strangers” – at least until he becomes smitten with Marco. Online, “smitten” may be limited to a rush of blood engorging Liam’s privates, but it is sufficient to encourage an actual meeting with Marco, the object of his arousal.


Liam is a close associate of Manchester crime boss Jonny Wellingham, who has zero tolerance for gays and has no acceptance of anyone subservient to him who dares to vary from Jonny’s narrow instructions. Jonny currently specializes in drugs and whores.


Liam is a twenty-six-year-old mess. Beside having a secret bent, he is too mild to be a major crime figure. He also, oddly, is still waiting for the return of his mother, now absent for ten years without any leave-taking. He is also somewhat estranged from his brother, Shaun, who lives some distance away. As said, what a mess!


Despite Liam’s clumsiness and lack of self-assurance, he meets Marco in a convenient hotel, leading to a hot coupling. Marco is a suave embodiment of continental allure, and Liam is overwhelmed.


Liam and Marco begin an affair, scheduled for Liam’s days off. Marco is in control of their hot sex, so well-eroticized by the author. Kristian Parker will certainly get my nomination for most exciting literary coital choreography. “His orgasm hit him like a truck. He dropped his face into the pillow and let out a yell. Pleasure radiated…” [Any other submissions may be sent directly to Rainbow Book Reviews.]


Cutting to the plot, Marco turns out to represent a potential competitor for Jonny’s control of territory. The action turns to confrontations, plotting, revelations, pledges of love – the stuff that makes a thriller so thrilling. The characters of the characters are put to test. The novel is quick and exciting, an easy read.


The story moves apace to an acceptable ending, and there is clearly room left for suggested book two, for those of us who will want to read more.




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Additional Information

Format ebook and print
Length Novel, 217 pages/52045 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 14-March-2023
Price $4.99 ebook, $13.95 paperback
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