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Hammer and Tongs by BA Tortuga at TurtleHat Creatives

Genre Gay / Historical / 19th Century / Western / Cowboys / Interracial / BDSM / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 01-November-2019

Book Blurb

Virgil is in trouble when he flees to the badlands of New Mexico, and he’s pretty sure the desert is going to kill him before the posse does. He’s running from his past, from a forbidden love. What he finds is half Native-American blacksmith Asa, who happens to be the stuff of dreams.

Asa isn’t about to let the skinny man he finds in the desert die. And when Virgil recovers, Asa thinks maybe he’s found a soul mate, just like his friends Tak and Loko have found in each other. Through everyday life and a series of erotic lessons, Asa thinks he can teach Virgil that love shouldn’t have boundaries. Can Virgil accept the plans that Asa, with the help of his friends, have for his future?



First edition published by Torquere Press, July 2013.


Book Review

This historical, set in the American Wild West, tells the story of Virgil, a white man in trouble with what passed as the law in Texas back then, just for touching another man. After that man's lies and betrayal get him almost killed, learning to trust is hard for him, but the half-Apache man he ends up with is just the right teacher for him – in more than one way. I had a lot of fun reading this BDSM tale from a time before the Internet. Learning about all the things two willing men can get up to from each other (and Asa's Apache friends when they visit) made for a nice change and a far more personal story than many contemporary books I've read.

Virgil is young, inexperienced, and desperate for touch and affection. Like many white men of the times he believes intimacy and love between men is a sin, and he battles this idea throughout the book. He soon learns to listen to his own body, and the result is clear: he wants to learn everything Asa can teach him.

Asa has had two Apache friends for a while, and he's learned a lot about love between men from them. But not until Virgil's arrival has he had someone of his own to "teach" and, eventually, to love. He is considerate, gives Virgil time to adapt to all the new things they try, and even though the words are not spoken, it's very clear he feels deeply for Virgil.

If you like stories set in historical times, if you enjoy reading about a relative novice being introduced to the joys of love and submission, and if you're looking for an extremely hot read with a touch of spiritual healing of a wounded soul, then you will probably like this novella.




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Format ebook
Length Novella, 135 pages/35300 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 19-September-2019
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