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Heart of a Redneck by Jodi Payne and BA Tortuga at Tygerseye Publishing

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Blue-Collar Workers / Cowboys / Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 08-November-2019

Book Blurb

Colby McBride is a blue-collar cowboy trying to make ends meet laying tile in Colorado. A loner by choice, Colby works hard with his hands and finds his peace camping in the mountains outside Boulder. Gordon James is a white-collar restaurateur who owns not one, but two successful establishments in downtown Boulder. He’s a sophisticated urbanite who is devoted to his work and is accustomed to getting what he wants. The men are friends, but sparks fly when Colby falls in love and decides to show Gordon how much fun a good old boy can be. 

They’re just beginning to explore their relationship when Gordon’s sister’s suicide leaves him with custody of his five-year-old niece. Colby comes from a huge family and is eager to help with the girl and to prove his worth to Gordon. But neither of them is ready for the tremendous changes to their already busy lives, or for how this new relationship with Olivia challenges them, complicating the way they interact with each other.  

They say opposites attract, but can these two very different men work together to join their disparate lives and form a strong, if highly unlikely, family?

First edition published by Dreamspinner Press, November 2018.

Book Review

A variation on ‘Country Mouse, City Mouse’, this is a story about two opposites attracting, finding common ground, and learning to deal with the unexpected stress – and joy – of raising a girl together. Colby is a cowboy trying to make a living laying tile in Boulder, Colorado, and Gordon owns two restaurants and is a sophisticated city-dweller, but that doesn’t stop them from being friends. Until they become more – and discover their chemistry is explosive. Then Gordon’s sister dies and leaves him in charge of five-year-old Olivia, something Gordon had agreed to but didn’t believe would ever be necessary. Needless to say, it moves their relationship into an entirely different light and the adjustment is not easy.

Gordon and Colby are great guys – I liked both of them from the start. The contrast between Gordon and his slightly more "city" outlook on life and Colby, who is basically a cowboy who works as a tiler, was very entertaining. While they agree on lots of things, they are different enough in the way they speak and think to make things interesting. Everything changes when they need to figure out how to deal with Olivia – at least Gordon expects things to be different. Gordon has no idea what to do with a kid, but Colby is an experienced uncle and makes things work.

It takes a while for them to work out a "new normal" for their relationship, but Colby is admirably determined not to give up and will not take no for an answer. Their transition from a purely physical to a deeper relationship isn't easy, but they slowly build additional layers that has them move into a longer-term situation as they deal with Olivia coming to live with Gordon. I'm not sure they would have managed if not for Olivia – and Gordon admitting he needs help. It was interesting to watch him change from standoffish to a pretty devoted parent. Colby is a gem!

There is lots of humor in the story, all the secondary characters are fun as well, and Olivia stole the show as far as I am concerned. Oscar, Gordon's bar manager, is a cool supporting character too. There are quite a few people who come to help, and Colby's parents - in particular - stole my heart.

If you like watching a rough-and-tumble cowboy figuring out how to live with an urban restaurant owner and his young niece, if strong characters with a few flaws are your thing, and if you’re looking for a read that is entertaining, funny, and full of cowboy-speak, then you will probably like this novel.





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Format ebook
Length Novel, 240 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 29-October-2019
Price $4.99 ebook
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