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Hot Mess 10 by Stormy Glenn at Siren Publishing

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Law Enforcement / Erotic Romance / Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 17-February-2021

Book Blurb


Many people believe that once you are married and have kids, the romance is gone. It's not. You just have to work at it a little harder. It's just too bad that our attempt at a romantic weekend alone ends with me in the hospital. If I survive getting shot, we're going to have to try a little harder. I refuse to give up the romance with my hot Italian SWAT commander.



My plans for a weekend of romance with the love of my life go up in an explosion of epic proportions when we're attacked in our very own home and Lany's life is put in danger. Snowstorms, intruders, and a hit man on the loose. It's just another day in the Delvecchio household.


Book Review

I will freely admit to being a little skeptical about how much I was going to enjoy this tenth book in Stormy Glenn’s ‘Hot Mess’ series. I mean, let’s face it, how many more times can Lany get kidnapped, shot, tortured, etc. with there actually being a plausible plotline? I didn’t do this author justice by doubting her abilities. This volume is full of excitement and a fast-paced writing style that I haven’t seen in a while in this world. It brought back all of my joy from when I first read the initial book in the series.


Lany and Sal should’ve known better than to try to have a romantic weekend alone. Have they not learned anything from their anniversaries? *grins* Regardless, Sal gets it all set up with the kids going to their grandparents, Brant taking a minivacation, and Mrs. Martinez visiting her family. What could possibly go wrong? Famous last words when this family is involved.


‘Hot Mess 10’ has a LOT to say about accepting that no means no and all the consequences that can derive from when someone believes that isn’t the case. Lany may have been with Sal for ten years now and has six kids, but he’s still just as gorgeous as always. When a man gets rejected it sets a series of events in motion that almost resembles a game of dominoes.


I think one of the things I liked best about this installment is I got to see so many familiar faces and obviously I don’t just mean Sal, Lany, the kids, and their staff. Nope, I got Vinnie, Jude, Patty, Carlos, Lancaster, Cynthia, and even police commissioner Jerry. It was very much a gang’s-all-here type of reunion. This was a super fun story with just the right amount of angst, drama, and action adventure. I’m looking forward to more!





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Format ebook
Length Novel, 57713 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 19-November-2020
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