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How to Bed a Rock Star (The Light Hearts Trilogy 2) by Dieter Moitzi

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Artists/Actors/Musicians/Authors / Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 17-June-2022

Book Blurb

A nice guy meets a tortured rock star—what are the odds they end up together? Close to nil, right? But sometimes an open heart and mind can work miracles.

Karim successfully helped Trevor and Chao get their love story on the right tracks. He even moved to Paris on their suggestion. Now he’s jobless and all alone in the big city because Trevor and Chao are off on an important quest and Dirk has joined his aunt Karin in Sweden.


Karim’s only spark of hope is an unexpected mission: play chauffeur for a famous rock star. That is, “famous” … Karim only likes 80s tunes, so he doesn’t have a clue who this guy really is. And honestly? You couldn’t say they hit it off immediately. The man who calls himself Angel Dust is surly, withdrawn, haughty, outright hostile. He also turns out to be… stunningly handsome. Karim’s dream guy.


Ugh. Nothing can come out of this encounter. A chauffeur and his illustrious client, both from different worlds, with clashing characters… And yet, to get into a rock star’s bed might not be the most difficult thing on earth (you can ask any groupie out there). To get into his head and heart? Did someone say impossible?


Book Review

‘How to Bed a Rock Star’ is the second novel in what turns out to be the absolutely delightful ‘Light Hearts Trilogy’ and is just as entertaining as the first book. Karim, a loyal friend and a man of very specific musical tastes, is at the center of this story’s developments and, after helping his friend Trevor find true love, it is now his turn to confront what can be one of life’s most difficult problems: not just finding his dream man, but admitting that he has found him and then figuring out how to get beyond the physical side of the new relationship into more permanent territory. It may seem impossible and the author kept me guessing as to how these two guys would manage it until the final chapter – but it can be done.


Karim has moved to Paris to be with his friend Trevor (whom he used to have a crush on) and now that Trevor and Chao are leaving for Asia to find Chao’s long-lost mother, Karim is at a loss as to what to do. Not for long though, as the man who was supposed to find him a permanent job offers him the temporary “mission” of driving a rock star named Angel Dust (how hilarious is that?) to an undetermined location. Karim, who only likes 80s pop, is less than enthusiastic about his client’s musical repertoire, but really has no choice if he wants to make any money at all.


What follows is a hilarious sequence of encounters, misunderstandings, and adventures as Karim slowly gets to know Angel – not that he wants to. Karim is full of preconceived ideas about rock stars, Angel has an unexpected agenda and more than one secret, and trying to stay out of trouble does not seem to be in the cards for these two men. I can’t say much about the details without, well, saying too much, but I can assure you that this is a very entertaining story with lots of hilarity, some suspense and lots of adventures, as well as some very emotional “awww” moments.


The secondary characters and their antics were a vital part of my enjoyment, with both the subplot involving Trevor and Chao looking for Chao’s mother and some intriguing hints about what Dirk (another of Karim’s friends) is up to in Sweden. The style is light and humorous, the narrative interspersed with hilarious text messages between the group of friends, and the descriptions of the places Karim and Angel visit are vivid enough to make me believe I was actually there.


If you like rom-com at its best, if you think a driver and his client can end up as lovers despite their “best” intentions, and if you’re looking for a wonderfully amusing summer novel with lots of heart, then you will probably love ‘How to Bed a Rock Star” as much as I do. I’m glad there will soon be a third book in this series!




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Format ebook and print
Length Novel, 226 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 31-January-2022
Price $5.90 ebook, $16.90 paperback
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