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In His Court (Rosavia Royals 4) by Max Rowan

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Fantasy / Agents/Spies / Royalty/Nobility / Romance
Reviewed by Bob-O-Link on 29-June-2020

Book Blurb

A spy prince needs: a man who sees through his disguise.

Prince Benedict is not what he seems. His image as a lazy playboy is carefully constructed to hide the truth. Trained since childhood to become Rosavia's top spy, he spends his life in disguise—and danger—to protect his country. Nobody sees the loneliness in his heart.

Felix Wright is a genius with four degrees, no real-world experience, and a top-secret job... and he's never even been kissed. A lifetime of being alienated for his most valuable assets has left him reluctant to trust the charming prince who thrusts him into fieldwork for the very first time.

When the Crown Jewels are stolen two weeks before the royal ball, it's their job to save the country's reputation. Benedict helps Felix believe in himself, while Felix slowly coaxes the real prince out of hiding. But can they find the jewels and rescue the most priceless treasures of all: each other?

Welcome to the tiny European country of Rosavia, where roses ramble over alpine slopes and princes fall for the men of their dreams. Every Rosavia Royals book happens simultaneously, so books can be read on their own, or in any order... but keep an eye out for familiar faces around the palace!

Book Review

Stephen Sondheim has written a somewhat outré song - "I Never Do Anything Twice." Well, since my computer seems to have eaten my brilliant review of ‘In His Court’, I will take another stab (but, as I am quickly aging at the keyboard, do not expect much duration for this encore performance.)


In this tale of the fourth Rosavian royal prince, Benedict, the current author flirts with the techno-spy style made popular by Ian Fleming’s James Bond. The royal hero is adept at using a biometric scanner, uses applied facial disguises, or other clever toys. He is the most reclusive of the gay princes, spending much of his time undercover. He now, unwillingly, finds himself paired on a mission with Felix, a shy young science prodigy. Felix is trying to fight the gravitational pull, but is unwillingly drawn to Benedict and his massive sexuality.


The pairing is bound to result in a glorious sexual union, and together they each change sufficiently to become an ideal couple, well prepared to solve the mystery of the missing jewels.  While the writing is bright, the dialog witty [“And what on Earth do you need such a big cock for?” He growled into Felix’s ear. “All the better for fucking you with.”], and the main characters charming – I was still mildly tempted to sing “Trope, trope, go away; find something new to say.” In other words, this is a well-tried tale of two misfits who actually fit each other [and into each other] and save the situation. As an extra, a portion of this volume also nicely illustrates to lost art of frottage, a classical way of cumming together!


‘In His Court’ (if you hurry up) qualifies as light summer reading. Great fun. If you are a little slower, it will still meet your needs for any season.





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Format ebook
Length Novel, 287 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 16-June-2020
Price $4.99 ebook
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