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In Safe Hands by Victoria Sue at Dreamspinner Press

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Artists/Actors/Musicians/Authors / Military/Former Military / Erotic Romance / Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 19-March-2019

Book Blurb

Former helicopter pilot Maverick Delgardo’s injuries ended his Air Force career, leaving him bitter and one drink away from becoming an alcoholic. When his sister asks for his help on a private protection case to babysit a disgraced pop star, Mav reluctantly agrees.


Deacon Daniels, onetime lead singer and idol to his teenage fans, saw his career and reputation ruined when a reporter’s exposé led to a devastating scandal. Without money or a job, a heartbroken Deacon has lost custody of his baby niece. And just when he thinks his life can’t get any worse, a stalker’s threatening messages escalate to murder.


Mav only agreed to one meeting, but his protective instincts kick in, along with an attraction to Deacon. When the body count increases, however, Mav is unsure he is up to the task of protecting Deacon from a killer. But it is too late for Mav to step away, now that he’s lost his heart, and he must find the strength to reassure Deacon and his niece that they are in safe hands no matter the cost.


Book Review

There are many different tropes that I enjoy and Victoria Sue has hit on one of them with ‘In Safe Hands’ – ex-military man, damaged both physically and emotionally, former rock star brought down low through no fault of his own, and a murderous stalker intent on killing the rocker for a perceived injustice. Maverick caught my attention immediately. He was a helicopter pilot in the Air Force but suffered an accident which ended the lives of his whole team while losing a leg and suffering severe facial scarring. Deacon was a rock star on his way up having just signed a contract when a reporter broke a story about his older brother having died from a drug overdose and “insinuating” that Deacon was also involved with drugs. He and the band lost their contract and then his publicist did something stupid which resulted in more loss of life. At the time he meets Mav, Deacon is dead broke and trying to start a career by becoming an audiobook narrator. The last thing he needs is another stalker.

Very quickly I became caught up in the story, the writing, and the characters, leaving me turning pages as fast as I could. It was soon clear that this wasn’t a case of Deacon’s former manager hiring someone to act as his stalker to generate sympathy and possibly get Deacon’s star back on top (think Jessie Smollett). No, this individual is systematically murdering people – gruesomely I might add – close to Deacon in some way, but the author led me on a chilling path until motive and identity were revealed. Along the journey I found out more about Deacon’s horrible childhood and his vicious mother who blames him for his dad’s beating of her (wtf?). She has made his life hell and with her recent successful custody case for Deacon’s niece, whom his brother named Deacon in his will as who he wanted to care for Molly, Deacon’s mother shows no signs of becoming mother of the year. Ever.

Maverick and Deacon are incredible characters and have an amazing love story that kept me just as glued to the pages as the suspense portion of the book. Neither man has ever really had a relationship of any worth, and both bring their own baggage filled with insecurities and vulnerabilities, but they were irresistible to behold. I liked watching them fall in love. Not to mention they are intensely hot together.

Victoria Sue has brought me quite a few wonderful books, stories, and characters, and now I can include ‘In Safe Hands’ in my list of favorites. I thoroughly enjoyed the mystery, the suspense, the thrills, the secondary characters, the wee two-year-old, the love story, and the ending was perfect. I can easily recommend this as a great read and a definite page turner!





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Format ebook, print and audio
Length Novel, 204 pages/73065 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 19-March-2019
Price $6.99 ebook, $14.99 paperback, $14.99 bundle, $19.95 audiobook, $13.97 Audible
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