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My Anti-Valentine Collection by DJ Jamison

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 07-February-2019

Book Blurb

A bundle of three novellas

My Anti-Valentine

Jaded by relationships gone wrong, Bret throws an anti-Valentine's Day party to celebrate being single and burn his ex-boyfriends' belongings. Bret's low interest in sex has destroyed every relationship he's had and tarnished his view of romance, but a cute blond guy at the party who says all the wrong things inspires him to hope for more.

My Anti-Boyfriend

Brad has everyone fooled. He's the casual, sexy friend. The fun-time guy who sleeps around. Except not really. There's one man who holds his heart: his best friend -- with benefits -- Riley. Too bad Riley has no interest in a relationship, and as far as Brad can tell, never will. But once Brad acknowledges his feelings for Riley, he can't continue to ignore them. Riley's days of having his cake and eating it too are over. Then again, maybe Brad is tasty enough to keep a man satisfied.

My Anti-Marriage

Love has never been a good bet for Chris, so going on a Vegas wedding trip for his friends is bittersweet. Especially when Ant, the last man to break his trust, is suddenly along for the ride. Which explains why Chris wakes up in his hotel room with the mother of all hangovers. Not so much why Ant is in his bed ... or worse, wearing a matching wedding band.

Each novella has previously been published. There's been no changes to content.

Book Review

These three novellas offer three very different looks at romance, sex, casual versus serious commitments, and what makes relationships work or fail. The theme is “anti” because each of the couples start out with saying no to one (or all) of the ingredients in the mix. It’s an interesting look at the types of balance that can be achieved with a little – or a lot – of effort, as long as both parties keep an open mind. In the end, the only thing that counts is love in whatever shape it takes.

My Anti-Valentine
Bret doesn’t like Valentine’s Day, and his idea for an anti-V-Day party is really cool. He has thought the whole thing through from beginning to end, and for him it is mostly about getting rid of memories of previous boyfriends, as well as saying good-bye to romance in general. But there is much more to Bret than even he imagines. When he starts talking to Harry, a guy he is interested in despite not wanting to go down that road again, Bret begins to understand himself much better. He never realized he may be asexual, but it would explain a lot of the issues he has had in relationships. Once he starts talking to Harry and they explore the attraction between them and what a relationship may mean to them, things begin to fall into place.

My Anti-Boyfriend
Set just over a year after Bret and Harry’s story, ‘My Anti-Boyfriend’ takes a look at Brad and Riley’s nonrelationship. Well, they are friends with benefits, but Brad wants so much more and has no idea how to get there. So, rather than admit his true feelings, he pretends to be all about the fun of sleeping around. Riley is very much into Brad, but he doesn’t want to admit that he would like exclusivity – that just isn’t him. Or is it? I have to admit that I wanted to smack both guys upside the head more than once as they went back and forth about what they wanted (more permanence, fewer hookups) versus what they were willing to admit for “coolness’s” sake (stay away from emotional BS). Figuring out that satisfaction does not necessarily depend on variety is a big step for them, and it was as much fun as it was frustrating to watch them get there.

My Anti-Marriage
The final story looks at the ultimate horror for commitment-phobes: marriage. Chris has had so many failed romances that he can’t even imagine having a boyfriend. Now he is on a trip to Vegas, looking for wedding venues for Brad and Riley, and runs into an arrogant ex he is still sort of attracted to. Imagine his horror when he wakes up the next morning, said ex in bed with him, and discovers they wear matching wedding rings. Partial memories confirm they may have done the unspeakable in a drunken stupor and all they can think about is figuring out how to undo the damage… A comedy of errors follows, feelings are hurt, new emotions bloom, and there is more than one surprise on their road to happiness.

If you like the idea of “anti” relationships of various kinds, if you think that everyone deserves happiness that is different from everyone else’s but “just right” for them, and if you’re looking for an entertaining read about a group of friends and their adventures in romance-land, then you will probably like this collection of novellas.





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Format ebook and print
Length Collection/3 novellas, 280 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 07-February-2019
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