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Opposites Attract (Prentiss 3) by Talia Carmichael at Simply Sophisticated Publishing

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Cowboys / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 21-May-2020

Book Blurb

HC Wagner has clashed with Drake—the foreman for MGR Ranch— right from their very first meeting. HC enjoys flirting with—and teasing—the stuffy cowboy. It’s just too bad Drake is so damn sexy…and straight. But when Drake becomes exceptionally friendly and rather openly inviting, HC is scared as to what this might mean, sending him on a trail of discovery to find out exactly who the real Drake Finley is.

Meanwhile Drake is fascinated by the conundrum that is HC Wagner—the smart mouthed, tattooed, Harley-riding chef. He enjoys surprising the man who seems so set on aggravating him. One kiss to shut HC up starts the beginnings of one rollercoaster ride he never thought he would find himself on. After Drake has a taste of the stubborn chef, he finds himself with an unquenchable desire to teach him that not only do opposites attract, they can thrive…as long as they work on it together.

First edition published by Pride Publishing, December 2013.

Book Review

HC, of 'Opposites Attract' by Talia Carmichael, is a difficult man to understand. He plunges into things, then, when they get too intense, runs. He has teased Drake, the ranch foreman, ever since he met him. Drake is attracted to HC but hasn't taken the bait by pursuing him. He is biding his time, waiting to surprise HC by taking control of the situation, not anticipating how violently HC will react to Drake returning his attentions. For HC, the fantasy of having a relationship, i.e., the sexual innuendos, the teasing, is one thing, but being taken seriously—that's something entirely different.

With HC's bike, leathers, tattoos, and potty mouth, he seems to have the bad boy image down perfectly. He appears to care only for himself; but there's a softer side which few people see, except those close to him, especially his dad and brothers. Even this affection comes across in the form of constant banter, insults, butting in, teasing, and interfering with each other's lives. If someone didn't know, they would think the men hated each other at times. HC is harsh on the outside, but nurturing on the inside, although he hates to admit it. He left a very high paying job as a popular chef to be with his family when they need him. Even though HC hides it well, with his constant teasing and sexual harassment, he's strongly attracted to Drake, but terrified at what that might mean. He's been hurt and has sworn not to become emotionally involved with anyone ever again. Try as he may to stay indifferent, HC is already showing far more care for Drake than he realizes. Everyone else notices it though and tells him what he is, in essence, doing. Even when HC and Drake finally do get together, he is still terrified that the feelings will suddenly disappear.

Drake is the epitome of calm, cool, and collected. He knows that HC's harassment is simply a matter of foreplay and goes along with it, letting HC think he has the upper hand when, in fact, he's holding back, silently maintaining control, waiting for the right time to act. He knows HC is like a skittish horse and treats him like the horses he trains. Drake knows that before they can have a relationship, be has to gain HC's trust. Every issue HC brings up—i.e., Drake is too serious, can't make a joke, can't be sarcastic—Drake eventually proves him wrong. He resists HC's attempts to change him, and holds to his principles when not comfortable with the concept, as when HC wants him to take off all his clothes and have Internet sex with him. Regardless of what HC gets up to while on screen, Drake resists. He will compromise with HC, but he won't give in when it's important to him not to. Drake is hurt when HC pulls away. Although his brothers and dad explain to Drake this is how HC reacts, how he deals with things, it still hurts. Drake tries to be patient and understanding, but HC leaving without even telling Drake makes him angry.

This is a sexy, sweet love story, with a little angst, between two very different men, who learn to compromise, making their relationship even better. I enjoyed visiting with Paxton, Windsor, and all the rest of the Prentiss gang, especially their ongoing bantering, yet obvious love for each other, nick names and close family ties. I look forward to the next sequel. If you like stubborn, sexy cowboys, horses, and farms, then you may enjoy this story. Thanks, Talia, for giving HC and Drake their happy ending.





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 96 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 17-December-2019
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