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Prince of Land and Fire (Three Brothers Fair 2) by Emily Carrington at Changeling Press

Genre Gay / Bisexual / Intersex / Fantasy / Mythological Creatures / Royalty/Nobility / Shapeshifters / Interspecies / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 11-June-2018

Book Blurb

Against his will, Lord Tian has fallen for a magical land creature -- a gnome. A prophecy says he must wed a land creature and become a destroyer and spy. But he can't resist Alastair, or the BDSM games they play.


Alastair is trying to spy on Tian's mother and preserve the balance of the natural world. Needing Tian in his bed and in his heart does nothing but disrupt his plans.


But prophecies are often both right, and misunderstood. When Tian and Alastair play at BDSM and love they set in motion the destruction of the status quo.



First edition published by Loose Id, August 2016.


Book Review

As was shown in the first volume of this series featuring all types of mythological creatures, prophesies can be more of a confusing hindrance than enlightening and helpful. Especially when you have power-hungry monarchs trying to interpret them in a way to suit their objectives. In this second installment the focus is on the middle son of the lord and lady of all kelpies, Christian. He does not want to fulfill the prophesy, not even the corrected version, but once he meets Alastair, a gnome and landbound creature, his heart leaves him little choice.

Christian has had quite a few partners, likes to play a little rough, and wants nothing to do with his mother’s plans for world domination. He is intrigued by a visiting gnome yet resists his feelings because he is meant to marry a creature bound to land. Giving in would mean doing what his mother wants. But then Christian finds out one of Alastair’s secrets and everything changes.

Alastair is a gnome with secrets. His parents are supernatural royals in Greece, and they have political ambitions that mean Alastair has been sent to spy on Christian’s mother. Alastair does not like doing it, is not very good at it, and would much rather spend time with Christian. It takes his parents challenging him to prove his love for Christian to make Alastair realize what is really important.

If you like mythological creatures tied up in political machinations, if you think that true love should override prophesies, and if you’re looking for an entertaining read that contains a detailed backstory, some hot loving, and an appropriate fairy-tale ending, then you might like this imaginative novella.





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 117 pages
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Publication Date 08-June-2018
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