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Ripples of Threat (Angel Hills Pack 2) by Rebecca James

Genre Gay / Paranormal / MPreg / Shifters / Menage MMM / Multiple Partners / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 21-May-2020

Book Blurb

An unknown danger continues to threaten the werewolves of Angel Hills compound. As the five omegas from River Wolf Pack continue to settle in with their new mates, two formerly rogue omegas join the pack, causing more mating issues. Gabriel’s health problems force his mates, pack alpha Grey and beta mate Ian, to make difficult decisions, including whether or not to allow humans on their compound if it might mean saving their omega’s life. Meanwhile, Gabriel feels more and more that he is a burden on his new pack.

Book Review

After enjoying the first book in this cross-over series from ‘River Wolf Pack’, I was interested to see if any of my thoughts and possible pairings were going to come true in this second installment. Based on the description, I can honestly say I had concerns as to whether the author could adequately keep all of the different storylines going without it becoming confusing. I was excited to reacquaint myself with some favorite omega characters so I was hoping I would enjoy this tale as much as I did the previous installment.

It has been a year since the end of ‘Omega Arrival’ and it was nice to see Gabriel’s son doing well, although a little behind developmentally due to his premature arrival. Gabriel is pregnant again and his mates are over the moon. Christopher is in love with Xavier although the older alpha only looks at him as a good friend. Unfortunately, no matter how hard Christopher tries to forget his feelings for Xavier, I knew something was going to come to a head there. Xavier is doing better than he was when he first arrived at Angel Hills but he still grieves for his mate who died after an attack by the Turned. Vincent continues to have difficulty with his one mate, Craig, and there is definite tension in that threesome, which I hoped Kale, their third alpha mate, would help with.

I was pleased to see my fears were unfounded. Each chapter was written in the point of view of the main characters involved in each of the storylines. Personally, I really loved that, as I got to see inside everyone’s head and get a feel for all the many differences between these men. Interestingly, some of them were more alike than I think they could have imagined. My heart hurt for Gabriel as his insecurities continued to convince him that he was only causing problems between his other two mates and he shouldn’t have ever come to Angel Hills. A lot of emotional turmoil going on, with several couples, throughout this book.

I’m intrigued with the new twists the author has placed into her worldbuilding. The human doctor who helped River and Josiah came and helped when Gabriel’s second pregnancy turned out even harder on his body than the first one. The doctor and her colleague have been going from pack to pack and discovering some disturbing trends. Of course, the author has left me wondering what the answers will be and how it’s going to affect all of the werewolves.

I can honestly say that I enjoyed this book even more than the first installment in the series. The writing is sharp, the characters are nicely complex and fleshed out, and the worldbuilding is fascinating. I am looking forward to the next book as I really want to see what will happen between Duncan and Canaan, Xavier and Christopher, and Roanan and Emory, not to mention finding out more of Emory’s backstory. There are definitely enough questions left to have me eagerly anticipating the next release.





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Format ebook
Length Novel, 218 pages
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Publication Date 14-March-2020
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