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Say You Won't (Underdog Animal Rescue 1) by Ana Byrde

Genre Gay / Bisexual / Contemporary / Romance
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 17-June-2022

Book Blurb

My best friend claims he’s not gay. That’s a lie, of course. He’s about as straight as a banana. Except he’s deep in the closet, and he’s about to marry a woman he doesn’t love. I know he’s only doing it to gain access to his trust fund. His reasons are noble; he wants the money for the animal rescue he runs. I only wish he’d put his own needs first for once in his life.

Since he won’t, it falls on me to save him from himself—by throwing him the gayest bachelor getaway in the history of bachelor getaways. I’ll make sure he falls in love with one of the hot guys at the party. I’ll make sure he’ll finally be real with himself and the rest of the world.

It’s a foolproof plan.

Until the person who falls is me.


Book Review

“Never hesitate to let the one you love know how you feel. Align your minds, synchronize your hearts, and above be fearless when dancing with their souls.” ~Truth Devour, Wantin


Lawrence (Law), of ‘Say You Won’t’ by Ana Byrde, loves animals and tries to save as many as possible; but he loves his best, straight friend even more. Their friendship is so important that he keeps his feelings hidden.


Law’s dream is to build a bigger shelter. Law can get the necessary money from his trust fund, but he can’t access it until he gets married. When he becomes engaged to a woman he doesn’t love, Derek knows why Law needs the money, but tries to talk him out of marrying to get it. It’s not just that he knows Law doesn’t love the woman, he suspects that Law is gay and will be miserable if he goes through with the wedding. Since he is not able to convince him, Derek comes up with a plan to try to prove to Law that he is gay. With the aid of his very rich aunt, who is very progressive in her thinking, Derek plans an extravagant gay-themed bachelor party, hopefully to prove to Law once and for all that he prefers men over women.


A week later, Law finds himself at an exquisite hotel on a beautiful island. When the bell boy comes to carry up their luggage and gives him a too-long look and a too-big smile, Law starts to wonder just what kind of bachelor party weekend Derek has planned. When he learns that first on the agenda is a couple’s massage, the alarm bells ring even louder! Even though Law insists he doesn’t need a massage, Derrek insists. As he fears, seeing Derek practically naked does things to Law that he has tried so hard to hide. Inappropriate thoughts abound and Law’s nerves can’t take it. The massage is everything but relaxing. When the stimulation gets to be too much, he literally runs away, upsetting the masseurs and making Derek feel bad for making him uncomfortable.


Next on the agenda is a costume party. Although it’s supposed to be a surprise, Derek must get Law into his costume beforehand. When he shows it to Law, it is received with skepticism at its brevity, but eventually Law accepts it, all the time anxious about the upcoming party. When Law steps into the room, he is convinced that they are at the wrong party. Men of every description abound, all of them obviously on the gay spectrum. There are go-go dancers, a bar, buffet, dick-shaped straws, etcetera. Law is overwhelmed, but undeniably aroused by all the maleness on display. It takes several other events before Law accepts one man’s offer to go to dinner. After all of Derek’s efforts to make this happen, why is he so upset when it does? This is when he realizes that his feelings for Law are more than merely friendship, although it appears to be too late to do anything about it.


‘Say You Won’t’ is a hilarious, poignant, friends-to-lovers story. I loved the relationship between Law and Derek even though I wanted to knock their heads together at times for being so dense! I always like stories with animals in them and I especially liked that the chapters opened with an adoption ad for Law’s rescues. The French-speaking dog was hilarious because, of course, an animal would find its way into Law’s path no matter where he goes. Thanks, Ana, for bringing Law and Derek together.




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Format ebook and print
Length Novel, 251 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 18-April-2022
Price $3.99 ebook, $10.99 paperback
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