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Small Town Sonata (Dreamspun Desires) by Jamie Fessenden at Dreamspinner Press

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Artists/Actors/Musicians/Authors / Blue-Collar Workers / Romance
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 06-August-2019

Book Blurb

Can the trusted town handyman rebuild a broken pianist’s heart?


When a freak accident ends Aiden’s career as a world-renowned classical pianist, he retreats to his New Hampshire hometown, where he finds the boy he liked growing up is even more appealing as a man.


Dean Cooper’s life as handyman to the people of Springhaven might not be glamorous, but he’s well-liked and happy. When Aiden drifts back into town, Dean is surprised to find the bond between them as strong as ever. But Aiden is distraught over the loss of his career and determined to get back on the international stage.


Seventeen years ago Dean made a sacrifice and let Aiden walk away. Now, with their romance rekindling, he knows he'll have to make the sacrifice all over again. This time it may be more than he can bear.


Book Review

“Gonna take a sentimental journey. Gonna set my heart at ease... to renew old memories...Why did I decide to roam? Gonna take a sentimental journey...home.” ~ Writer(s): Ben Homer, Les Brown, Bud Green (Sentimental Journey)

Dean Cooper, of ‘Hometown Sonata’ by Jamie Fessenden, is a typical hometown boy. He’s lived his entire life in the small town of Springhaven. His job may not be exciting but it is steady, along with the rest of his life. He is content and happy with who he is and where he is. He doesn’t need anything else in his life, except for someone to share it with. Aiden Scott is the ‘one who got away’ – but now he’s back. Dean can’t stop his heart from beating faster at the thought of seeing Aiden again but, at the same time, he’s cautious, wondering how long he will be here.

Aiden Scott’s musical talent was too advanced for him to stay in Springhaven. As soon as he could, he left for New York and went on to greater things. He has played in orchestras all over the world. Aiden is on the top of the world, until an accident ends his career. He is lost and depressed, wondering what he is going to do, now that his life as he knew it seems to be over. After several years, Aiden comes home to contemplate his next step.

Almost right away, Dean and Aiden find that the feelings they had for each other in their teens are still there. They are different people now, but at the heart of it, they are the same. Try as they may to be logical and sensible about starting a relationship, the longer they are together, the closer they become. Still, Aiden wonders if it is fair to encourage Dean, knowing he may be leaving again, but at the same time, wonders why he deserted Dean in the first place. Dean tries to guard his heart, but it’s not easy with the strong feelings he has for Aiden. Despite his reservations, he decides that he wants Aiden too much to pass up the opportunity to be with him, even if it is only for a short time.

Jamie has written a beautiful love story. Aiden and Dean took different paths in their lives, but had a love that would not be denied. Fate forced them back together, making them decide what is really important in their lives. Together, they learned to create their own music. Thanks, Jamie, for giving Aiden and Dean the opportunity to create their own sonata.





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Format ebook and print
Length Novel
Heat Level
Publication Date 06-August-2019
Price $4.99 ebook, $9.99 paperback, $9.99 bundle
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