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Spotless: A Box Set by Bailey Bradford at Pride Publishing

Genre Gay / Paranormal / Shifters / Menage MMM / Multiple Partners / BDSM / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 19-May-2020

Book Blurb

Spotless – the complete box set

1 – Hide When you think you’ll never fit it, never be whole, love can show you a truth you’ve never seen.

2 – Hunt Steven was on a mission he knew could cost him his life, but instead he might find himself truly living for the first time.

3 – Home Solomon wanted nothing more than to stay at home and raise his siblings, until he’s kidnapped and everything in his world changes.

4 – Heart Rolly has waited ten years to claim his mate. Now the wait is over, and he’s coming home.

What happens when shifters are born of two different breeds? Nothing good as far as the pumapards can see. With a parent who is a leopard, and another who is a puma, they have a hard life and are scorned by either of the full-blooded breeds.


But there’s more to their existence than they know. Why were they even allowed to be born? Why did their parents breed in the first place, when no one wanted the offspring?


And how do they survive when one man in particular—their father—wants them to suffer as much as possible?



First edition of Hide published by Totally Bound Publishing, May 2014.

First edition of Hunt published by Totally Bound Publishing, July 2014.

First edition of Home published by Totally Bound Publishing, October 2014.

First edition of Heart published by Totally Bound Publishing, August 2015.

Book Review


No child should be mistreated, or worse, abused, by anyone, and definitely not by their parents. What Adal and his brother Steven have had to suffer at the hands of their bastard of a father is unfathomable. And when they finally free themselves (which must have happened in one of the books of the previous series ‘Leopard’s Spots'), the battle may be won but the war for justice is by no means over. This is the story of Adal’s fight for a self-confidence he never had, and his discovery of a love he thought he didn’t deserve.

Adal has gone through hell at the hands of his father. Called a halfblood (since he is a cross between a puma and his leopard father), he has suffered emotional and physical abuse to the point where his father has left scars all over his body and was trying to slowly poison him. Now that he is no longer taking the pills he is facing withdrawal and weird aftereffects. Luckily, Dorso is there to help him, and they find a wolf shaman who can help. Still, much of the battle Adal faces is psychological as he adjusts to a world he has never experienced before.

Dorso has no idea what hit him until Adal admits it was his brother. All of that happened before they found out Dorso was a good guy and were freed from the bonds to their tyrant of a father. Dorso has no idea what he is in for; he doesn’t even know shifters are real. But he is also a realistic man, and when faced with the evidence of Adal shifting into a pumapard, he begins to accept his new reality with relative ease. One thing is certain: he is inanely attracted to Adal and quickly falls for him. Adal couldn’t have a better partner in his corner!

If you liked the ‘Leopard’s Spots’ series and want to see how some of the secondary characters are doing, if you enjoy reading about different kinds of shifters and the villains they face – not always of the human variety, and if you’re looking for an intense, hot read of the paranormal persuasion, then you will probably like this novel.



In ‘Hide’, the first book of the ‘Spotless’ series, when I read all the things Adal was subjected to as a child, the abuse and the violence his father Bashuan made him suffer, I thought that was bad enough. But there were plenty of hints about how his older half-brother Steven, also a half-breed leopard shifter,  took a lot of the heat for him and protected him as much as possible. So I knew Steven’s story would be more difficult to read in many ways—and I was right. ‘Hunt’ is about Steven taking matters into his own hand and tells the story of how he goes after their bastard of a father, now that Adal is safe. His self-appointed mission isn’t easy, and there is plenty of violence and killing, but how else is he going to make sure Bashuan stops his cruel “experiments”?

Steven has his work cut out for him. He has always protected Adal from the worst of the abuse, or tried to, and took a lot of pain himself. Nothing much fazes him in that department, but his emotions are what gets to him now that he can admit he has them. Revenge is what he lives for, and he is ready to kill anyone who stands in his way. The worst thing is that he doesn’t even think he’ll survive. Luckily he finds his mates, or rather, they find him, and they give him something he has never had before: their support, their loyalty, and their love. He has no idea how to deal with that, and it was amazing to see him slowly come out of his shell and start believing he deserves something good in his life.

Shaun and Cole, both wolf shifters, have been best friends forever, and secretly each of them wants more. They wish they were mates, but there is something missing, and the mate bond never forms. Not for lack of wanting though! And then Cole’s father, the powerful wolf shaman who sent the medicine that helped Adal counteract the slow-working poison their father had given both him and Steven, sends Cole and Shaun to find Steven so he can get his medicine as well. Imagine Shaun and Cole’s shock and surprise when they realize Steven is their mate.

It takes them a while to figure out they are a triad, because that has never happened in known shifter history. It’s only slightly less likely than an interspecies mating between leopards and wolves. But there are some supernatural forces afoot, and they figure whatever it is, there will have to be three to make things work the way the Fates intend. Unfortunately, there are no further details about what exactly is going on in this book, so I am hoping the next volume will bring the solution. It’s definitely a fascinating angle!

If you like shifter stories with a hint of a larger picture and some more revelations to come, if you enjoy reading about men fighting for their lives and facing unspeakable evil before they can relax and make a life together, and if you’re looking for a read that is as tense as it is hot, then you will probably like this novel.



Solomon is the third of the older half-leopard shifter brothers who suffered their cruel father’s torture, and this is his story. He is the one who took responsibility for all of his younger siblings and half-siblings and protected them as best he could. It is now five years after the end of book two, and even though their evil father has been killed, it seems that their trials are not over.

Solomon is responsible, has devoted his life to raising his younger siblings, and doesn’t have time for himself or finding the mate he so desperately wants. His need to keep his entire family close by is understandable, but it not only limits his own life, it also may not be the best thing for the children. Would they be better off if Solomon found out who their mothers are? Solomon is just beginning to realize he may need to start letting go a little, when disaster strikes and he is kidnapped. Not half as drugged as his kidnappers seem to think, he manages to fight them, only to find out there is a much bigger threat coming his and his family’s way. Oh, and one of his kidnappers, the only male jaguar shifter of the group, turns out to be his mate. What a mess!

Azil is from a Mexican jaguar shifter clan whose matriarch has some really warped ideas about women’s and men’s roles in life. As a male, Azil’s purpose in life is to service the women of the clan, except they think him too ugly, so he ends up with the guards. He has never really thought about men being equal to women, has always kept his head down, but when he meets Solomon and feel inexplicably attracted to the man, he begins to change. It is a huge adjustment for him, and will take a while, but his first steps into freedom, into learning how much fun teasing Solomon can be, and finding out how a real family shares things, are wonderful to watch. 

If you liked the first two books in this series and want to find out more about the half-breed shifters and their abilities, if the idea of two lost men finding each other and learning about love catches your interest, and if you’re looking for an emotional read that is as suspenseful as it is hot, then you will probably like this novel.



It’s been a while since I’ve read the previous book in the ‘Spotless’ series, and it was good to return to the world of the “spotless” leopard and half leopard shifters. There are quite a few of the formerly-abused children of the evil leopard shifter Bashuan left whose story has not been told yet. This time it is Erdwin’s turn, though a lot has happened since his oldest brother Solomon, who basically raised his younger siblings, joined Bobby and Sully’s pack. It made for a fascinating story from a psychological point of view, as well as a suspenseful adventure that had me eagerly turning the pages.

Erdwin is no longer the man he was born as. Over many years of not fitting in his skin, of trying to be someone he isn’t, he has finally accepted who he really is: Edie, a beautiful young woman. Edie has been through the self-doubt, the questioning, and the final admission that she is female at her core, but there is one thing she can never do. I’ve never thought about it, but a shifter’s body, due to the fact how quickly it heals, cannot be surgically altered. So gender reassignment is not possible for Edie, and that makes everything even more difficult for her. She has had to learn to live with her body as it is, and that took a while, but she has done it. Not that she expects her life to be easy, but at least she is at peace with herself, and her pack has accepted her as well. Then the one thing she never expected to happen does, and finding a mate who accepts her makes her life a whole lot less lonely.

Rolly has known Erdwin is his mate for a decade, but the boy was only thirteen when they first met, so Rolly had to keep his distance. It’s been hard for him, but when he finally feels the time is right he makes his way back to find – Edie. Rolly doesn’t even blink – his mate is his mate, and that is all he needs to know. I loved how the mate bond is shown to literally go deeper than skin here, and the point is that Rolly loves the person Edie is, never mind what she looks like physically. But they don’t get a lot of time to enjoy newly mated bliss before a mysterious threat endangers the entire pack. Rolly needs all his shamanic powers and the help of his powerful shaman father to even begin to unravel who is behind the newest plans to destroy everyone he loves.
If you like supernatural mysteries and enemies who attack out of nowhere, if you’re curious how two mates who have waited forever to be together manage to find each other despite some pretty significant changes, and if you’re looking for a read that is as touching and emotional as it I suspenseful and hot, then you will probably like this novel.




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Publication Date 19-May-2020
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