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The Barkeep and the Bro (Single Dads Club 3) by A.J. Truman

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Age Gap / Romance
Reviewed by Barb on 25-May-2022

Book Blurb

I’m his boss. He’s my daughter’s ex-boyfriend. This has nope written all over it.

For twenty-five years, I’ve been in an exclusive, all-consuming relationship with Stone’s Throw Tavern, my family’s local bar.

I don’t need a boyfriend. What I need is a new bartender.

And what I get is Charlie, my daughter’s old college boyfriend, a guy who still acts like he’s chillin’ at the frat house. He was canned from his Wall Street job and escaped to small town Sourwood for a fresh start.

He knows bupkis about bartending, but he makes up for it with his cocky charm…and the tight shirts he wears, which secretly drive me wild. Now I’m making up excuses to hang by the bar during his shifts.

There’s a pile of reasons why I can’t cross the line with an employee. Especially this one. He’s twenty years younger than me, and I’m a foot taller than him. Even on a purely mathematical level, this can’t work.

And yet…

The growing heat between the fratboy and me burns like a shot of whiskey. I just need to keep my beer can in my pants, or else I could lose my business and my daughter.

Book Review

This story is the best of the series! And though I loved visiting the Single Dads Club in all three books, I enjoyed every single minute of this story and didn’t want to put it down. Mitch needs a new bartender and when his daughter’s ex-boyfriend and “frat boy” Charlie shows up to work, he has no idea that his rock-solid world is about to be upended.


From the beginning, I was engaged with Mitch and my heart broke every time he denied himself any chance at happiness or whenever he doubted his appeal to a much younger man. My heart then soared when outgoing, fun-loving Charlie broke through Mitch’s reserve. I appreciated the author’s handling of Charlie’s background and character growth and warmed to him almost as easily as I did to Mitch within the first third of the story.


This story has it all: age gap, size difference, daughter’s ex-boyfriend, boss/employee, former frat boy/stoic bar owner, sexual discovery, forced proximity—one bed! Good heavens, I could go on, but everyone must find out for themselves just how wonderful this story is. There are plenty of visits with characters from earlier books in the series, but their roles are mostly as supportive friends that one would find in any story, so this can easily be read as a standalone.


Charlie’s attraction to Mitch and his subsequent sexual discovery developed smoothly and was very believable. Mitch’s hesitance and inability to go out on a limb with his emotions was also very true to character. Each man had his strong points and weaknesses and hesitated to pursue more, but when they got together their chemistry was off the charts.


And the epilogue? Bellissimo! The bottom line here is don’t hesitate to pick up this story. It hit all my good feels and happy places and left me smiling for days. 




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Format ebook and print
Length Novel, 293 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 25-May-2022
Price $4.99 ebook, $13.99 paperback
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