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The Cemetery Next Door by Dale Chase at JMS Books

Genre Gay / Paranormal / Ghosts/Spirits/Hauntings / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 03-December-2018

Book Blurb

When Ray and Marty, partners for twelve years, decide to get away from San Francisco for a week, they choose a small town across the bay. Only upon arriving at their hotel do they discover a cemetery next door. Ray is concerned at the proximity but Marty, who has experience with ghosts, assures him the residents are the quietest neighbors.

But when the two men get drunk and have sex in the cemetery one night, things change. Mishaps occur at the hotel: an elevator gets stuck, a fire alarm sounds in the middle of the night, a door refuses to open. Marty soon realizes someone in the cemetery was disturbed by their sexual antics and is punishing them.

How can they escape the ghost’s wrath? More importantly, how can Marty get the skeptical Ray to even admit it’s a ghost after them?

Book Review

“Dead people have a right to be heard and seen.” ~ Anthony T. Hincks

After Marty's, of ‘The Cemetery Next Door' by Dale Chase, grandfather dies, he decides to stick around to keep an eye on him and his mother. Marty never tells anyone about being able to see his grandfather after his death, he simply doesn’t want them to try to tell him that it is impossible.

The first person Marty tells that he can see ghosts is his partner, Ray, who, as he expects, scoffs at the idea. Even worse, Ray relishes in teasing Marty about it at every opportunity. Marty doesn't see ghosts all the time, but occasionally, he does catch glimpses of them, which is more than often enough for him. After Marty's latest sighting, Ray decides that getting away for a while may do them both good. Their destination is Arroyo, a small, quiet town east of them. They decide to do it right and unplug all their devices for the ultimate get-away. They marvel at the quietness of the little town that seems to have everything they need: a bar, a hotel restaurant, and a nice room. The only downside is that it is situated right a cemetery! Ray can't pass up the opportunity to tease Marty about it. Instead of being upset, Marty is amused at the absurdity of building a cemetery right beside a hotel.

The next day they explore their quaint surroundings, but as they pass the cemetery, Ray suggests exploring that. Marty shakes his head and only reluctantly follows, but is very careful to respect the graves around him. Ray, on the other hand, doesn't care where he steps. They wander around for a while then leave to go back to town. To Marty's dismay, on their return to the hotel, Ray wants to go to the cemetery again. Marty balks at the suggestion and tells him no. In spite of his protest, Ray wants some adventure and runs to the cemetery gates. Marty is not at all convinced that it is a good idea, but follows him. Since they had had several drinks at dinner, they are both loopy and more uninhibited than usual. When he reaches Ray, Marty can't resist his amorous advances and joins him in “making love among the dead”.

That evening, just as Marty and Ray have fallen asleep, they are rudely awakened by the hotel fire alarm. After the firemen check out the hotel and find no fire, they decide it's a false alarm. While waiting to go back in, Marty sees a young man leaning against a wall who doesn't seem to belong there. When they go back in, Marty takes the stairs and has a bizarre encounter with the same man. He decides not to tell Ray because he fears he won't believe him. However, when Marty gets locked in the bathroom and the same man is in their shower, he knows it's time to tell Ray everything.

This is an unusual ghost story, not only because there is a skeptic and an angry ghost, but it's also about a different way of finding redemption and peace. Thank you, Dale, for the unique way to explain the afterlife.   





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 15885 words
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Publication Date 27-October-2018
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