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The Heat Is On by Lorelei M. Hart at Decadent Publishing

Genre Gay / Urban Fantasy / MPreg / Omegaverse / Menage MMM / Erotic Romance / Holiday
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 04-December-2018

Book Blurb

At the Christmas Inn, not all presents are wrapped in a bow.

Innkeeper alpha Miller and his mate Winston have a merry life in the town where Christmas rules. When the holiday season rolls around, people come from all over the country to enjoy both their hospitality and the wonder that is their town. Guests spend their days building snowman, decorating wreaths, caroling, enjoying romantic sleigh rides, and indulging in every kind of Christmas treat anyone can imagine. But when an emergency forces a cancellation at the inn, it opens up a room for a certain omega whose misfortunes have piled high lately.

Omega Klaus’s life is on a downward trend starting with the death of his uncle, who raised him as his own. On the way back from the funeral, Klaus is on his way to a blue Christmas when he finds himself in the middle of a winter wonderland. A wonderland he might enjoy more if his car wasn’t broken down, and his pockets nearly empty thanks to his mean-spirited and scroogy employer, who decided that was the perfect time to let him go.

When the towns kindly mechanic offers to find him a place to spend the night, Klaus has no choice but to agree. He is dropped off at The Christmas Inn where he finds himself confronted by two alphas his every instinct insists belong to him. But they’re married to each other, and trouples are rare. Besides, even if they felt the same, what does he have to offer two handsome, successful men like them? He’s broke, recently unemployed, and alone.

When it becomes apparent that all three feel the connection, it triggers heat in this guileless omega, and a night of passion ensues. In the morning, the heat is over…which can only mean one thing. A Christmas present is on the way in the form of their baby.

The Heat Is On is a sweet with knotty heat non-shifter MMM Holiday Male Pregnancy Romance that takes place in a small Christmas wonderland.

Book Review

A town devoted to Christmas sounds like a place I’d like to visit, but, as this omegaverse story shows, things can get a little crazy during the actual holiday season from Thanksgiving to New Year’s. Not just because of all the activities and the guests who book into the inn and want to be entertained, but also because of all the food that needs preparing. Alphas Miller and Winston are mated, they own the Christmas Inn together, and think their life is pretty complete even if they have given up any hope of having kids. As it turns out, one stranded omega waiting for his car to be repaired turns their lives upside down and inside out – just because there is space at the inn, for once.

Klaus is at the end of his rope when his car breaks down. He doesn’t even know if he’ll be able to afford the repairs, but he has no choice if he wants to make it back to run an important meeting. The reason he took the first few days off in three years is pretty sad, so when his slave-driving employer fires him because he will be late for said meeting, I got really angry at them. Klaus is clearly better off without being exploited, but there is the matter of making a living…

Miller, who is the chef of the family and a great baker, and Winston, who plays more of a supporting role, are so much in love it hurts. They would have never imagined wanting someone else, but the moment they set eyes on Klaus (and notice his scent), they change their minds. All they have to do is figure out if Klaus is interested and, if yes, how to help him make up his mind to stay. Having an omega in their relationship means potential babies – and both alphas can’t wait to become fathers.

If you like Christmas stories with very little drama, mouthwatering descriptions of food, and a few very hot bedroom encounters, if you want to watch an established couple find out there may be space for a third in their relationship, and if you’re looking for an entertaining, warm read with a cute ending, then you will probably like this short story.





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Format ebook
Length Short Story, 55 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 17-November-2018
Price $2.99 ebook
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