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The Miracle (Romance on the Go) by Victoria Zagar at Evernight Publishing

Genre Lesbian / Post-Apocalyptic / Romance
Reviewed by jj on 11-November-2014

Book Blurb

The world has been destroyed by the Calamity virus, which has wiped out most of the population and left the survivors sterile. While searching for supplies, Lane encounters a young pregnant woman at the side of the road. Elsa is on the run from scientists who want to take her and her baby for research. Realizing she is in danger alone in the city, Lane takes Elsa home to her shelter beneath an abandoned factory.

Trapped together in a small room for weeks, the two experience an undeniable attraction to one another, but Lane has given up on life and any hope of finding love. Can Elsa and the impossible promise of new life give Lane the will to live again, or will Lane’s secrets tear their tiny family apart before it’s even complete?


Book Review

This short story peeks into a complicated and devastating future on our planet, but it is entitled The Miracle. A virus labeled Calamity has dropped the overall population on Earth by 90 percent, making things look exceptionally grim. Many who are still alive choose to lie in a stupor against crumbling walls via the use of the post-Calamity drug venix...escaping reality until death absorbs them. Two women choose other routes. Their individual and combined stories are astounding, inspiring, and lovingly pleasurable. Miraculous!

Lane is a bit of a commando-type character. I learned she had a son named Elias who killed himself when he was fifteen. Lane is still trying to come to terms with that, while attempting to survive all on her own. Additionally, she is physically sick and convinced she does not have many more days left to her. She is startled, vexed, and then tenderly compassionate and protective toward the obviously pregnant woman who pulls a gun on her. Lane is quite confident that this woman knows how to fire a gun lethally, and she seems to see everyone and everything as a threat to her child. Lane is also aware the virus has made almost all survivors sterile. So who is this woman in a condition that is a true rarity and possibly a great danger to Lane? Standoff!

Elsa has been trying to elude the men in the black van who have been pursuing her. She is convinced they are after her unborn child any which way they can accomplish that, more than likely leaving her dead after the fact. Lane can not get her mind around this and suspects Elsa is a bit delusional. However, when the van occupants start taking pot shots at them, she offers Elsa a place to hide and much more. Elsa senses she will not only be okay, but has found help from a woman who is also a mother. Things turn completely around in a blink, but it seems more than feels portentous. Connection!

The sensual, loving moments between Lane and Elsa are wonderful and light things up in the face of so much devastation, loss, and their fight for survival. However, remember the title of the book is The Miracle. Another classic phrase filled my mind and is always darkest before the dawn. Transcendent!





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Format ebook
Length Short Story, 24 pages/8185 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 27-October-2014
Price $2.99 ebook
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