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The More the Merrier (Dreamspun Desires, The Teddy Bear Club 2) by Sean Michael at Dreamspinner Press

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 07-June-2019

Book Blurb

Too much of a good thing?


When Logan gets the call about newborn triplets in need of a home, he steps up, realizing too late the daunting task he’s taken on. He’d be lost without the men of the Teddy Bear Club—especially Dirk.


Dirk even offers to spend spring break at Logan’s home, helping him and the babies settle in. He loves being a dad, and he wants to help Logan find the same joy. It doesn’t hurt that they enjoy spending time together.


Before they even realize it, they’re settling into a routine… becoming a family.


Falling in love.


But their new bond is about to face the ultimate test. Will they come through and realize that with love, there’s no such thing as enough?


Book Review

The Teddy Bear Club started out as a group of single dads meeting a couple of times a week for companionship and talking and discussing their kids. It’s a pretty cool idea for a series and the group’s members are a special breed. Aiden and Devon with three children between them in the first book were adorable, but I found Dirk and Logan even more impressive. Probably because they have five kids between them, three of them newborn triplets who start out as Logan’s foster kids. Who doesn’t like the cuteness of triplets? Though they are probably super easy to like from a distance, because between the lack of sleep due to nighttime feedings and dealing with a constant barrage of diaper changes, the reality is far more exhausting than the idea of three tiny humans in need of round-the-clock care. This book does an excellent job of describing the reality and I loved every minute of it.

Logan is Aiden’s best friend and a tough, successful lawyer. Even though he has a ten-year-old daughter he fathered for a friend, he does not get to see her beyond every other weekend and the odd day here and there. Logan wants kids of his own, so he decides he wants to become a foster parent. No sooner has he finished the required course than he ends up taking on newborn triplets, even though he sort of knows it may become a little much. Before he even realizes that he needs to ask for help because none of the nannies he attempts to hire work out, Dirk is there to offer.

Dirk is a teacher with a four-year-old daughter of his own and he has been coming to the Teddy Bear Club meetings for a while. He has always really liked Logan but never knew quite how to let him know. Offering to help with the babies is natural and what a friend would do. Even though Dirk does not really expect more to happen, proximity and shared feeding duty quickly bring the men closer together. After that, becoming a full-time live-in guy is natural and quickly leads to other discoveries…

If you like sweet romances with lots of kids, if you want to get a feel for what it might be like to have newborn triplets to take care of, and if you’re looking for an entertaining read with lots of warm and fuzzy moments and some very passionate lovemaking, then you will probably like this novella. I think it’s absolutely delightful!





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Format ebook and print
Length Novella, 195 pages/48823 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 04-June-2019
Price $4.99 ebook, $9.99 paperback, $9.99 bundle
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