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The Necromancer's Dance (The Beacon Hill Sorcerer 1) by SJ Himes

Genre Gay / Urban Fantasy / Angels & Demons / Magic / Vampires / Wizards & Witches / Romance / Action/Adventure / Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 18-May-2022

Book Blurb

In a world where magic is real and evil walks amongst humanity, a young sorcerer is beset upon by enemies, both old and new.

Angelus Salvatore is the only necromancer in all of Boston, and his name is whispered warily by the undead and fellow sorcerers alike. He and his brother Isaac are the lone survivors of an attack by an army of the undead, in which Angel used a spell so powerful it forever marked his place in history. Now, years later, Angel struggles to balance his career as a teacher of the higher magical arts, his role as big brother, and a tenuous relationship with an Elder vampire from the local clan. When his brother's boyfriend is used as a pawn in a mysterious plot to draw Angel out, Angel is once again drawn back into the old hostilities that fueled the Blood Wars and led to his family's death.

Leaning on others for help is something Angel cannot do, and while he searches for clues into who may be targeting him and his brother, Angel finds his heart steadily growing occupied with Simeon, Elder and vampire. Dealing with death magic and vampires on a daily basis may leave Angel jaded when it comes to life and staying that way, but the more time he spends fending off the ancient vampire's attention and affections, the more he realizes he wants to give in.

Can Angel find out who wants him dead, and keep his heart safe in the process? How can he fall for a vampire, when his whole family was torn apart by an army of the undead?

Death stalks the streets of Boston's historic Beacon Hill....and there is no one more suited to battle against death than a necromancer.


Book Review

A world of magical realism, witches, wizards, and sorcerers—yes, I’ll explain the difference—vampires, action and adventure, plus mystery and suspense make up this first book in SJ Himes’s thrilling ‘The Beacon Hill Sorcerer’ series.


“Think a room full of pissed off vampires is scary? Try pissing off a sorcerer with anger management issues and an affinity for working with the dead and dearly departed.”


Angel Salvatore is a sorcerer with an affinity for death magic. A necromancer. A very powerful sorcerer whose affinity resides not just in death but also in anything associated with it, i.e., spirits, ghosts, poltergeists, undead, the dying, illness, disease, poisons, mortal injuries, and a whole ton of nasty creatures and conditions. In this world the author has created, elemental magic is the province of witches and they are born to it. Wizards are simply beefed-up witches, be they male or female, and they can access magic beyond the elements. Sorcerers, or sorceresses, can access the magic that lies beyond the veil, the magic that mortals can’t touch.


“Angel was ranked as a sorcerer. The unfathomable infinite maelstrom of magic that gathered beyond this world in a brilliant sea of light and shadows, swirling and singing… Angel could use it. He was able reach out, through the veil, and touch the infinite. And even within the three tiers of magic users, witch, wizard, and sorcerer, there were rankings. All based on the personal strength of their individual abilities, and their affinities.”


Angel and his little brother, Isaac, are the only surviving members of their family after the end of the Blood Wars ten years prior. The Salvatore family had been the strongest magical family on the northeast coast, and three other families, led by the Macavoys, enthralled a bloodclan of vampires who attacked and killed all of the Salvatores until Angel, in one deadly spell, burned all of the vampires to ash.


Simeon is a Bloodclan Elder, a position just below the Master, and he is over four hundred years of age. For two years he and Angel have danced around their attraction to each other, with Simeon patiently waiting for Angel to realize what is growing between them. I have to admit that like Angel, Simeon hits all of my buttons in terms of sexy, romantic, dashing warrior of old. Since he hails from the Emerald Isle that was the final oomph in his overall appeal!


I’ll apologize for so much information in this review and I hope it doesn’t come across as spoilers. It is an intricate worldbuilding and there are definite rules to be followed. I was fascinated not only with the world, but the mystery surrounding who was sending demons and rogue vampires after Angel to kill him. That whole portion of the story is very well done and I was on the edge of my seat waiting for all to be revealed. The love story is equally exciting and I am looking forward to so much more between these two men.


The ending is beyond exciting but I’m not going to share what happened as that truly would be a spoiler. Just believe me when I say that meeting Eroch is so worth it, and if you enjoy urban fantasy then this is a book not to be missed.





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Format ebook and print
Length Novel, 230 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 25-February-2016
Price $5.99 ebook, $15.99 paperback
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