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The Omega's Surprise Baby (Oceanport Omegas 3) by Ann-Katrin Byrde

Genre Gay / Urban Fantasy / MPreg / Omegaverse / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 09-March-2018

Book Blurb

A haunted omega, a single dad, and the world's sweetest surprise...

Music has always been the first love of singer-songwriter Kade Ashton. And it was that love that gave him the strength to defy his family and the cult they belonged to, running away from his arranged marriage to make a life for himself amongst the spotlights. He’s living his dream, until a media scandal derails his career and leaves him hiding from the very public he used to seek out.

But his dream is still alive, and to get his career back on track, he’ll take any job that gets him in front of an audience and helps him pay his bills. Even if it means performing at a wedding in that worst of all terrible places—a small town.

After his husband’s death, Shane is convinced he’s had his one chance at love and that part of his life is over. He has his kids, and they’re enough to keep a single dad on his toes—there’s no time or room for dating. Until he’s asked to host the singer for his cousin’s wedding. First, the sexy omega’s music draws him in, then he meets the omega himself. And he realizes that, maybe, love isn’t just a one-time thing.

Still, their one night together was supposed to be just that, until a positive pregnancy test brings them back together. Can they find a harmonious middle ground between small-town father and big-city star, or are they doomed to lives that are out of tune with their hearts?

Book Review

Oh, to be back in Oceanport! I adore this little town with its tough stories of love and loss, and the wonderful happy endings the author creates. I’ve been wanting to see Shane’s story ever since I first met him in his cousin Dean’s story. Shane is a widower who truly believes his one chance at love is over and done, and now he just has his kids to love. Kade is an omega who defied his family to follow his true love, music, but his trust in the wrong man has toppled him from the top, and now he’s ready to claw his way back up.

Kade grew up in a small town that is 90 percent Vinist - a cult-like religion that believes all omegas are second-class citizens - and he couldn’t wait to escape. He got away from there but learned the harsh truth that prejudice can be found everywhere, it’s just some people hide it better. Kade fully accepts that the scandal that rocked his career would have never hurt him as badly had he been anything but an omega. He’s surprised, and a little shocked, to discover Shane is a nice man and an alpha who doesn’t believe in demeaning omegas and their worth.

“Everything had felt so right the night before. Or maybe I was only deluding myself by thinking that way. He'd needed someone to take his mind off his grief. I'd needed someone to take my mind off the wedding. That's how we fell into each other.”

It has been two years since Shane’s husband died in a freak accident leaving him with his son and young daughter. He’s an incredible father and it shows whenever Connor and Mary are on-page, so to speak. He hasn’t been attracted to any omegas since losing his husband so he’s somewhat surprised to find himself in that situation with Kade. I empathized so much with how Shane felt throughout Dean and Griff’s wedding. And then discovering that Kade’s parents had married him off at the tender age of sixteen, I could see where he was coming from. It also made it much easier to understand them falling into bed together and being “crazy.”

The author could have left this story pretty cut and dry but instead, as I’m used to her doing now, she made it far from the usual. Shane’s son, Connor, is almost ten and he definitely doesn’t like the way his dad and Kade look at each other. Connor is not happy at the idea of his dad being with anyone who isn’t his daddy. On top of that comes Connor’s fear that he’ll be an omega and he has been bullied enough in his short number of years. Shane is happy his son is so smart but he’s far too perceptive and picks up on people’s emotions very quickly. So, you put Connor’s active dislike of Kade together with his own severely negative reaction to potentially being an omega, and Kade’s pregnancy along with Shane’s response… well everything that could go wrong, did. Not a great way to start a relationship.

This is definitely my favorite of the series to date. I loved the reality the author brought to all of the conflicts and the characters are wonderful. There was a little drama that revolves around Kade’s ex from the Vinist cult he grew up in but I thought it was handled very well. I was introduced to some more secondary characters that I really hope to see more of. I’m definitely looking forward to more!





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Format ebook and print
Length Novel, 263 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 01-August-2017
Price $3.99 ebook, $9.99 paperback
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