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The Queen & the Homo Jock King (At First Sight 2) by TJ Klune at BOATK Books

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Erotic Romance / Humor/Comedy
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 04-November-2019

Book Blurb

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Sanford Stewart sure doesn't. In fact, he pretty much believes in the exact opposite, thanks to the Homo Jock King. It seems Darren Mayne lives for nothing more than to create chaos in Sandy’s perfectly ordered life, just for the hell of it. Sandy despises him, and nothing will ever change his mind.

Or so he tells himself.

It's not until the owner of Jack It—the club where Sandy performs as drag queen Helena Handbasket—comes to him with a desperate proposition that Sandy realizes he might have to put his feelings about Darren aside. Because Jack It will close unless someone can convince Andrew Taylor, the mayor of Tucson, to keep it open.

Someone like Darren, the mayor’s illegitimate son.

The foolproof plan is this: seduce Darren and push him to convince his father to renew Jack It’s contract with the city.

Simple, right?


First edition published by Dreamspinner Press, February 2016.


Book Review

Besides the fact that I feel like I've been waiting for Sandy's story for eons, right now, today, I needed something I knew would make me laugh, and TJ Klune can always do that. It was a breath of fresh air (or maybe the cat farted) to be back in the world of Sandy, Paul, Vince, Charlie, Corey/Kori, and Darren.

"Helena Handbasket was my safe space, my persona I could slip into when I needed to feel in charge, when I needed to be confident. Helena was many things that Sandy was not: Daring and brave. Primal and sexual. Funny and caustic....Sandy Stewart was a tall, thin man with blond hair, brown eyes, high cheekbones, and lines beginning to form around his eyes no matter how much tightening cream he used."

I could spend a whole lot of time talking about how hysterically funny this sequel to 'Tell Me It's Real' is, but if you read the first book, then you know this author can have you shooting water out of your nose from laughing way too hard. (Speaking of which, TJ, I'm sending you the bill when the doctor declares my sinuses dead.) But there's more to this than just the laughter, a whole lot more.

I loved Sandy from the very first moment, but I knew there was more than a quick wit hiding in him. He's shy, especially with people he doesn't know. He's loyal beyond belief, and if he loves you and someone hurts you, that person better get out of town because there's nothing Sandy won't do for his loved ones. He's got a big heart that he tries to hide. He can get his feelings hurt just as much as the next person, and regardless of what he says, what he really wants is for someone to love him - both parts of him.

It's always come through loud and clear, that Sandy despises Darren, finds him repulsive, wishes he'd fall off a cliff…you get the picture. However, the immortal words "someone doth protest too much" rang clearly in my head. Darren is perfect for Sandy. Sandy just doesn't want to forgive and forget something that happened years before and really hurt him. He can't. It's his insecurities. The longer Sandy and Darren fake date to try to convince his dad, the Republican mayor of Tucson, to renew the contract for the bar, the harder it becomes for Sandy to not have feelings for Darren. Believe me, their idea of flirting is hilarious, and kind of scary, too.

It was truly a miracle that Sandy and Darren didn't kill each other. Watching some of the things that Sandy came up with (drag bachelor auction), and Darren, remarkably, dealt with should have told Sandy they were meant to be. But Sandy struggled with his insecurities and his belief that no one could ever love him. No one. On one hand it was sad, but on the other it was bittersweet. Of course, when it was all said and done, it was perfect!

"He smirked, that old familiar cocky thing that I both despised and adored. “I’ve been watching you for years,” he said, unbearably smug. “I would know you anywhere.”

I knew Sandy and Darren's story was going to be amazing, but I still couldn't believe it when I finished reading. TJ, you are incredible. You're funny, you're hyper, you're kind, you're loving, and you are an incredible writer. Thank you, for sharing your genius.





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