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The Thief by Bonnie Dee

Genre Gay / Historical / 19th Century / Royalty/Nobility / Romance
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 20-May-2020

Book Blurb

Street hustler Jody plays any role that will win the confidence of a mark. His sights are set on Lord Cyril Belmont, a potential ticket to financial freedom that could change Jody’s life. With a fake investment scheme in mind and larceny in his heart, he sets a snare for the wealthy gentleman.

Cyril Belmont may have a title but he’s as broke as a china plate and on the verge of selling his dilapidated country estate to start a new life in America. When his quiet, solitary life is invaded by a bright, passionate man who sets his head spinning, Cyril is ready to share whatever he has with the electrifying stranger—including the deepest recesses of his heart.

As Jody begins to cultivate inexplicable feelings for the sweet, gentle man who raises rare orchids, he intends to end his seduction and slink back to the ghetto. But then his cover is blown and the budding romance is crushed. 

It takes an ocean voyage and several unexpected twists of fate to bring two strangers to a true understanding of each other and the very real bond they share.

Book Review

“Deception may give us what we want for the present, but it will always take it away in the end.” ~ Rachel Hawthorne, Dark of the Moon

An unusual invitation to a party by an old school rival provides Cyril Belmont with a rare opportunity to meet a charming young man, Jody, who shares his secret preference for men. He invites him home where they begin an affair that leads to feelings neither of them expects.

Lassiter, the man who pulled Jody off the streets and introduced him into his life of crime, is always coming up with schemes to get rich for life. As his “best thief”, he is always wanting Jody to help him, one last time. There have been many “one last times” and Jody is sick of it. He wants a life of his own, not one beholden to Lassiter. His life of crime gave him material things he never would have had without it, but it has left him with an emptiness and longing for more. Lassiter arranges for a rich man, who owes him money, to invite Jody to a party where the mark, Cyril, will be.

Cyril is shocked when he receives an unexpected visit from Pointdexter Alden, someone he went to school with, but with whom he was not friends. He is even more surprised when Alden invites him to a small party he is having that will include other men who were schoolmates of theirs. Realizing that he has been a recluse too long, Cyril figures why not go. When he arrives he is reminded of why he hesitated. The men there are older, but the same bullies they were when Cyril knew them before. He is about to leave when he runs into a charming young man, Mr. Jonathan Hunt, whom he has never encountered before and who is supposed to be a baronet’s son from India. After conversing for a while, it is obvious that the attraction between them is strong. They decide to leave and continue their conversation in a more private setting. Cyril has never done anything like this before, but Jody is so appealing that he is compelled to take the leap. They go to Cyril’s house and give each other pleasure, but don’t end up in bed. Jody declines saying he doesn’t want to rush anything.

The thing is, when Jody learns that Cyril has no money after all, he doesn’t see the point of continuing the ruse. Also, Cyril is not the rich snob that Jody expected. In fact, he generally likes the man. That disturbs him a bit, but he fully intends on not seeing him again. However, he can’t seem to keep away. He and Cyril begin a passionate affair, during which time they fall in love. Jody is especially baffled by this idea and begins to fear that if Cyril learns of his past, it will all disappear. Unfortunately, when one of Lassiter's thieves decides to steal from Cyril, Jody tries to intervene and Cyril overhears what he says to the burglar, in a completely different accent, Cyril catches on. Even though it breaks his heart Cyril throws Jody out.

One thing that made this story special was the eccentricities in each of the two main characters, as well as their character growth. Through their experiences, they both learned what it meant to both let go and go for what was truly important to them. Thanks, Bonnie, for giving Cyril and Jody a new start and a happy ending.





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Format ebook
Length Novel, 193 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 28-April-2020
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