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To the Moon and Back by N.R. Walker at BlueHeart Press

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Romance
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 25-May-2023

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Gideon Ellery had the perfect life. Nice house, great job, and a long-time boyfriend. Weeks after adopting his nephew, his boyfriend splits, leaving Gideon a single father to a newborn. Overwhelmed, sleep deprived, and unsure how to navigate fatherhood, he’s asked to return to the office. He’s overwhelmed and at his breaking point.

Toby Barlow is back in Sydney after three years of studying, travelling, and nannying in the UK. He needs work and a place to live, and the perfect solution drops in his lap. After all, caring for a sweet baby in a beautiful home owned by a gorgeous single man isn’t exactly terrible.

Gideon isn’t too keen to share his life with a stranger, but his need for help is too great. Sunshiny Toby isn’t prepared for a grumpy Gideon or his utterly adorable son, Benson. Or how easily he slots into their lives. And Gideon’s not prepared for how much he needs Toby.

Or how much he wants him.

Neither is prepared for the complications of falling in love.


Book Review

"I love you to the moon. I love you to the stars. I love you to the farthest far. I love you louder than the loudest loud...You'll always be my precious little one." ~ I Love You to the Moon by Ms Rachel


Although in desperate need of help raising his child, Benson, Gideon, of 'To the Moon and Back' by N.R. Walker, balks at hiring a nanny. When his friend suggests that he hire a very experienced nanny who comes highly recommended. Gideon still hesitates, but since he has to go back to work, he knows he can't possibly manage on his own and agrees to an interview.


Toby is thrilled to get a job so soon after returning home to Australia. At his interview, Toby expects lots of questions about his qualifications. He doesn't expect Gideon, his prospective employer, to be stunning and Benson, his son, too adorable for words.


Gideon has done everything for so long that, logically, he has trouble letting go. Toby realizes that it will be difficult for Gideon to relinquish control, but Toby knows how to help him make the transition. In small but positive steps, they sort it out. Soon, the three of them fall into a comfortable schedule and grow closer emotionally, doing all the things that couples do: talk for hours, watch TV, eat, shop, and play with the baby together. Yet, both are nervous about crossing the employer/employee line and won't admit their growing feelings to themselves or each other. If they don't do so soon, they will miss out on a beautiful future together.


‘To the Moon and Back' is a delightful story about two men and a baby who couldn't be better matched. Gideon and Toby complement each other perfectly, and having Benson thrown into the mix only makes a perfect situation even more perfect. Benson, of course, "stole the show." Thanks, N.R., for this endearing, feel-good story that was a joy to read.




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Format ebook
Length Novel, 220 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 23-February-2023
Price $4.99 ebook
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