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Trapped by Ruby Moone at JMS Books

Genre Gay / Historical / Royalty/Nobility / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 15-March-2017

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Sam Holloway is a desperate man. Trapped in Dante’s, the high-class London brothel catering to men who love men, his only hope is to find a rich protector. Then he meets the young aristocrat with sad eyes.

Tristan Barrington, sixth earl of Chiltern, waited until the death of his father before acting on his unnatural desires. Dante’s has a reputation for quality and absolute discretion. He never expected to find in its sordid depths a glorious man who could master not only his body but his heart, as well.

In Tristan, Sam sees an opportunity to flee a life he hates, and he sets his sights on seducing the earl. Tristan vows to help him escape, but in the process not only uncovers the vile corruption at the heart of Dante’s but also suspects that Sam’s declaration of love was nothing but a lie.

Then Sam is gravely injured, and Tristan faces a tough decision -- leave Sam to his fate, or help him once again?

Companion to The Wrong Kind of Angel

Book Review

I loved ‘The Wrong Kind of Angel’ - a suspenseful and touching story about Harry, a young man forced into prostitution in the England of 1817, and his rescue by Charles, a former soldier in the Napoleonic wars. And while you don’t need to have read that novel to enjoy ‘Trapped’, I think it would greatly enhance your experience if you did. Sam is one of Harry’s friends, still suffers under the cruel hands of the brothel owners, and knows he has to find someone to rescue him if he wants to survive. I really enjoyed finding out what happens to Sam, learning about his rescuer, Tristan, and getting a mini-update on Harry and Charles.

Sam is in trouble right from the start, and a lot of it has to do not just with the fact that his father kicked him out when he caught Sam with another man, but also with Sam’s poor decisions. He was greedy, racked up massive gambling debts, and his “rescuer” turned out to be a ruthless brothel owner who enjoys abusing Sam “on the side”. Sam’s plan for rescue works, but he was not completely honest with Tristan, and the more time passes, the more Sam regrets lying to Tristan. Sam is a decent young man, willing to work hard, but he has a lot to learn about standing on his own feet and being honorable.

Tristan may be an earl, now that his father has passed away but he is not happy and very, very lonely. He enjoys being dominated, and Sam is an ideal bed partner for him, but what Tristan wants is to be loved. Falling for Sam’s initial “deception” is easy, and Tristan takes it hard when Sam admits he lied about his feelings.

These two men do not have an easy time of it. They have society against them, always needing to hide their actual relationship or be severely punished for sodomy. They have their own individual demons and pasts to fight. And they need to figure out if they want a relationship and what that might look like so that others don’t find out what is going on. On top of that, the brothel owners are not giving up and keep looking for Sam, with disastrous results.
If you like suspense-filled historicals with plenty of obstacles for two men who have no idea how to relate to each other outside of the bedroom, if you want to watch a young earl and a desperate young man figure out what to do with their lives, and if you’re looking for a read with action, heartbreak, an unexpected helper, and some very hot man-on-man loving, then you will probably like this novel.





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Format ebook
Length Novel, 61879 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 11-March-2017
Price $5.99 ebook
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