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Truth Or Lie by Lynn Lorenz at Hartwood Publishing

Genre Gay / Urban Fantasy / Psychic Powers / Gods/Godesses / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 11-May-2017

Book Blurb

Anthony Pappas has known since puberty he was gifted with a special gift due to his Greek ancestry. After all, he’s the descendent of Artemis and Socrates’ one night stand. It’s good, because he has a passion for teaching. It’s bad, because he can tell when someone is lying to him. As he’s matured, he’s realized his superpower is a relationship killer.

Everyone lies. And if they lie over the little things, like jobs, they’ll lie over the big things, like cheating. So he just hangs back, teaching elementary school, waiting for Mr. Tall, Dark and Honest. So far, it’s been a bust.

Travis Conner is just a dumb fire fighter, or at least it’s what he’s been told and he believes. He’s hated school his entire life, but one thing he does love is his nephew, Rusty, his sister’s kid. When Rusty begs him to come to school for Bring Your Dad to Work, Travis can’t say no, no matter how uncomfortable it makes him feel.

But when he gets there, and meets Anthony, Rusty’s sexy, but geeky teacher, he’s smitten. And for Anthony, Travis’ honesty and honor draw him to Travis like a magnet. Both men have stayed aloof, each for his own reason, but can their attraction pull them out of the shadows and into a relationship?

Can Travis be Anthony’s Mr. Honest and will Anthony still want Travis when he finds out he barely graduated high school? Both men have secrets, but when they get down and honest about them, will those secrets, especially Anthony’s gift, tear them apart?

First Edition published by Amber Allure, 2013.

Book Review

I think it would seriously suck if I could tell when people were lying. I mean, yeah it might be good for something, but, overall? Nah. That would be horrible. Maybe because people tell lies all the time. They might be little white lies, or lies of omission, but they are still lies, and I sure wouldn't want to know it. In this story Anthony has a crappy job of being a human lie detector and I was really hoping Travis would be the one for him and they could both get their happy ever after.

Travis is a firefighter, and, yes, that is one of the sexiest jobs around. Being a gay man in that testosterone-rich environment, however, can be a problem and Travis struggles sometimes. His recent relationship ended when he found his boyfriend in bed with another man. The fact his ex called him a "dumb firefighter jock" as he left didn't help matters. Travis really struggled in school all of his life so he does have insecurities about not being smart. Then Travis's nephew, Rusty, invites him to the "Bring Your Dad to School Day", because Rusty's dad was killed in Iraq four years ago. For a second grader that would be so hard to be there alone with no dad. I agreed with Travis and the school was stupid not to have thought of the children whose dad's weren't around or were deceased. Let me just say, that when Travis surprises Rusty by telling his class about Rusty's dad, a US Marine with a Purple Heart and a Medal of Honor, it totally brought tears to my eyes! It's at the school that Travis meets Anthony, Rusty's teacher, and he's immediately intrigued.

Anthony is a direct descendant of the Greek goddess, Artemis, and her one night with Socrates. Seems appropriate that Anthony is a teacher, although his father doesn't understand why he didn't become a lawyer. Anthony is almost thirty, loves his job, has a nice little home, and is single. He swore off men a while ago because he got tired of them lying to him. When someone lies to him, Anthony sees a subtle green glow around them, although meeting Travis he sees an entirely different glow, one that indicates Travis is a man of honor and integrity. Anthony just isn't sure if he can trust in that.

They meet for coffee, which turns into lunch, which then turns into time spent back at Anthony's. They have so much in common and both are looking for more than a one-off. Anthony is thrilled that he can't detect any lying from Travis and it looks like they're both headed in the same direction. Just for clarification, Travis and Anthony are two very hawt menz! When Anthony tells Travis about his connection to a goddess, even though he was answering a question honestly, Travis thinks he's playing with him and storms out. Can these two lonely men, who fell in love at first sight, get through this obstacle and more?

'Truth or Lie' was a seriously sweet and adorable love story that I adored. There wasn't anything supremely over the top, there was some drama but it was resolved in a great way and it didn't drag the story down. This will be a favorite to re-read as it's a comfort book. I can greatly recommend it.





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 108 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 09-May-2017
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