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Try Again (Lakeview University: Holiday Try-mester 2) by Abigail Kade

Genre Gay / Urban Fantasy / Students/Teachers/Professors / MPreg / Omegaverse / Age Gap / Romance / Holiday
Reviewed by Bob-O-Link on 02-March-2023

Book Blurb

Can an unexpected miracle bring two very different men the answer to their heartfelt Christmas wishes?

Middle aged college professor, Preston Page, has always wanted a family. After his first relationship resulted in bitter disappointment and betrayal, he put that to the side, however, and disappeared into his career. There was time, right?
Maybe not. He's just found out he's in early manopause, and kids are a dream he'll never realize now. Spiraling, Preston's tight hold on his world unravels.

Cue an uncharacteristic drunk hook up in an alley with a sexy young stranger. Preston's received a miracle, but he's about to get another huge surprise. He might not only get a baby. Could he be getting a husband too?

Career University student, Joe Langford, just changed his major for the tenth time. He's not interested in Journalism. He wasn't interested in Physics or any of the other majors either. The truth is as long as he's in school, his family trust will pay all his bills, and his parents won't push him to get married to the guy they've arranged for him. There's nothing more Joe wants than to have a family, not a career, but he's not letting them choose his future for him. When Preston tells him about his unexpected situation, he doesn't realize it, but Joe is going to do everything in his power to make this miracle work for both of them. Despite what his family thinks, he's going to propose. They can do this together, make a family of their own, if Preston will agree to take a chance.

Will Joe be able to convince Preston to try again for their own happily ever after?

Book Review

The diverse authorships of this three-part series may be indicative of a (a) publishing trend au currant, by which several authors contribute to a collection – or – (b) these three may just have opted for writing fiction over performing the opening scene of ‘Macbeth.’ Opinions may be submitted to Rainbow Reviews after you complete the mini-tomes.


Preston, a thirty-four-year-old omega, learns that he is going through “Early Onset Manopause” and will no longer be able to get pregnant. He had delayed planning for children because of his personal history and professional drive. Now his hopes for family and a relationship are gone, and he is distraught. At the same time, he finds himself strongly attracted to thirty-year-old Joe Langford, a former student now also on Lakeview’s staff.


Preston is the iconic academic – “… the boring British lit professor with sensible shoes, non-wrinkle khakis, and bow ties for special occasions.”


Joe is a perpetual student, thirty years old, and still without a degree. He is also the son of a wealthy industrialist - a distant father – and makes requisite monthly visits to the family home. During the last, he overhears his father making plans to have him marry the daughter of a business colleague, for his father’s own financial advantage. Joe loudly protests.


Robert meets Thomas and Preston (the first two heroes of the triptych's initial volume) at the campus watering hole (a common waterhole in the Lakeview series). Preston, mourning his lost fecundity, becomes drunk. After meeting Joe, they proceed to the alley where they have sex behind a dumpster (with dirty talk but sans any romantic music, I suppose. “Breed me.” “Fuck yeah, I’m gonna breed you, you sexy f**er.”)


Hey, what did you expect – Hallmark? Even Preston evaluates it fairly. “Well, since we hooked up. No, that wasn't right either. Since we banged in an alley like a screen door in a hurricane…” Forget hormones and hard-ons, as Preston is immediately enceintes (preggers!) he begins an extended tour of porcelain thrones, upchucking regularly along the way.


Enough with the details. Attraction becomes love and then family. The villain gets his comeuppance; Preston gets some cum up too. (Zing!) Love is the winner.




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Format ebook
Length Novella, 81 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 28-December-2022
Price $4.99 ebook
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