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Warren's Peace (2018 Advent Calendar - Warmest Wishes) by Emjay Haze at Dreamspinner Press

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Romance / Holiday
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 06-December-2018

Book Blurb

The holidays are a time for second chances.

Warren Blessing lost his wife (two years ago), and his kids decide he’s been alone too long. They send him on a holiday singles cruise so he can meet someone new. On the flight from Chicago to Miami, he sits next to an attractive man, but when the flight’s over, he doesn’t think he'll see him again.

Fletcher Hammond is a professional mystery shopper for vacation destinations and travel. After a split from his unfaithful fiancé, he’s embarking on a singles cruise. He meets a lovely gentleman on the flight, whose conversation and cocktails help Fletcher through his fear of takeoffs, but he doesn’t expect to see him again.

As if by fate, a meeting in the ship’s dining room renews their mutual attraction. But can they build a relationship with distance and baggage working against them? Or will they part ways when they return to port?

First edition published by Torquere Press, June 2016.

A story from the Dreamspinner Press 2018 Advent Calendar "Warmest Wishes."

Book Review

In a tale that reminded me of a holiday episode of the Love Boat series (on TV more years ago than I’d like to admit), Warren and Fletcher end up in the kind of romance that cruises, sunshine, and great entertainment seem to encourage. Both men have had a hard time in the past, and it was great to see them bond – even if the speed they went at was whirlwind-plus – if not faster.

Warren lost his wife to cancer, and even though he was very happy with her and loved her a lot, two years later he is ready to date again. His grown kids agree and decide to send him on a holiday-themed singles cruise. He wants to be with a man this time – he’s known he is bisexual since college and there is no woman who could replace his wife. It’s an interesting concept to avoid thinking of a new relationship as “cheating” on what you had with another person, and by the time Warren meets Fletcher on the flight to Miami, he is pretty sure that he has made the right decision.

Fletcher is a professional mystery shopper who gets paid for rating airlines, hotels, and cruises. His almost-constant travel is the reason for his breakup with his fiancé – the man decided to cheat on Fletcher while he was gone – and Fletcher, understandably, did not like that. Now Fletcher finds himself falling for Warren even though he isn’t sure that is the right thing – but as he keeps telling himself, Warren is not his ex.

If you like your romances to proceed at breakneck speed, if a cruise sounds like a great setting for some hot action between two men who want love in their lives, and if you’re looking for a read that is entertaining, hot, and has a happy ending, then you might like this short story.





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 51 pages/17010 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 01-December-2018
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