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Warrior King (Warriors 1) by Eden Winters at Rocky Ridge Books

Genre Gay / Fantasy / Royalty/Nobility / Romance / Action/Adventure
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 25-August-2023

Book Blurb

One man is the son of a traitor. The other is the son of a tyrannical emperor. Together, they discover the fine line between duty and justice.

Commander Draylon Aravaid doesn't hide his lineage as the emperor's son but doesn't advertise his origins either. Loyal to a fault, he relies on his hard-won reputation rather than his family name, which his duplicitous father uses to full advantage.

Prince Yarif DiRici trained his entire life to become a consort in a political marriage--all while secretly yearning for love. The death of his father and older brother suddenly thrusts an unwanted crown upon his head, and Yarif into a whirlwind of dangerous plans within plans as he and Draylon are forced into marriage.

The political game is set, and Yarif is kidnapped. It's up to Draylon to mount a daring rescue to prevent all-out war.

The two men must get past each other's mistrust, find common ground, and defeat an enemy neither knew they had...and may not survive!


Book Review

“What seems to us as bitter trials are often blessings in disguise …” – Oscar Wilde

Draylon, of 'The Warrior King' by Eden Winters, is commander-in-chief of the Cormiran army. As the emperor's second son, he is less important to his father than his older brother, Avestan, who is heir to the throne. Even so, Draylon tries to please his father by carrying out his orders, no matter how distasteful he finds them. Still, he never expected it to include marrying the traitor's son, Yarif, whom his army has recently defeated.

Yarif may be a prince, but his father seldom includes him in his plans for running his kingdom. When the Corian army invades their castle, Yarif does not understand why. He had no idea of his father's betrayal. Still, he is under suspicion of being an accomplice. The soldiers seriously misjudge him, assuming that he will be easy to restrain, but Yarif proves them wrong. He puts up quite a fight, severely injuring some of the soldiers confronting him.

Yarif's first contact with Commander Draylon is when he comes to investigate the commotion outside the prince’s rooms. Yarif makes it clear to Draylon that he is not impressed. Yarif's world changes drastically from this point on. However, his main concern is not himself but his two younger twin siblings. When the emperor gives him an ultimatum to abdicate his throne and marry his son, Draylon, it shocks Yarif. Giving up the throne is not a big deal since he does not want to be king anyway, but marrying Draylon is another. Yet, to keep the children safe, he agrees.

Draylon is not thrilled about being forced into a marriage with Yarif, but it could be worse. Besides being suspected of being a traitor, Yarif is handsome and intelligent. But Draylon is even less happy about leaving the army and being thrust into the role of king.

The consummation of their wedding is more emotional and passionate than expected, leading them to believe that their "forced" relationship could become even more, if only they get the chance.
'Warrior King' is an action-packed adventure with intrigue, betrayal, intense battles, surprising revelations, and an epiphany. Thanks, Eden, for an incredible reading experience.

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Format ebook
Length Novel, 336 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 25-August-2023
Price $5.99 ebook
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