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Weight of His World (Broken Blue 1) by DJ Monroe at Pinwheel Books

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Cowboys / Romance
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 19-March-2019

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Levi King is the most successful horse rancher in the southeastern United States. He’s got it all, but he’s also got a lot on his plate - salaries to cover, horses to train, the biggest ranch in the valley - and it’s all on him. Everyone around him needs his time and attention, so how did he end up volunteering his ranch for the Wide Open program, an organization designed to give ex-cons a second chance at life? Just what he needs – another responsibility. Even worse, this new responsibility has a cheeky grin, a fine body, and a way of making Levi’s blood run hot.


When Cruz Baltimore steps out of the police cruiser and sees the man who’s given him a second chance, he’s way more than grateful – he’s entranced. Levi King is dead serious, wicked sharp, and sizzling hot. Not that he’d be interested in a screw-up like Cruz. Still, Cruz can’t help himself. Levi is a strong man, king of his domain. He's a man with a destiny - Cruz just knows he wants to be part of it.


Book Review

“Forgiveness is for yourself because it frees you. It lets you out of that prison you put yourself in.” ~ Louise L. Hay

When his father becomes ill with Alzheimer’s, Levi King gives up his job and life in the big city and returns to his family’s farm to take over. Since then, he has worked hard to not only maintain the status quo, but build it into a successful business. As long as everyone involved is happy and well taken care of, Levi is satisfied. He tries to tell himself that his own needs do not matter. When Cruz Baltimore comes to work at Levi’s farm, as part of a second chance program for convicted felons, Levi begins to question his belief that he is satisfied with his life the way it is now.

Levi’s new employee is nothing like he expected and Levi knows that Cruz could be a problem in many ways. He has serious doubts about the man, and is concerned about how he will work out without prior experience in ranching. His foreman, Sam, does not like the idea of a criminal being there and makes no secret about his feelings; frequently, he gives Cruz a hard time, even when it is unwarranted. Levi is trying to be fair, not jump to conclusions, but Sam’s opinion of Cruz has a big influence on him.

Cruz is eternally grateful to Levi for giving him another chance. He is determined not to mess it up, especially in acting upon his immediate and intense feelings for his new boss. Being from Chicago, Cruz is completely out of his element, but he’s willing to work hard and learn what he needs to so he can be useful. Soon admiration grows between the two men. Levi is impressed by how fast Cruz is learning his new job and how hard he is working; Also, Levi likes how good he is with the family dog and his patience with Levi’s young nephew. Cruz admires Levi’s cool and in-control demeanor and his dedication to his family and friends. Cruz wants Levi’s approval as well as his body, but he’s not sure he ever will.

Although Levi seems to be satisfied with his work, Cruz senses that Levi still doesn’t trust him.  He knows that he should come clean about why he was imprisoned, but the idea fills Cruz with dread. How can he explain a situation that is unexplainable, one that sounds wrong, no matter what; and, if Cruz does tell him what happened, will Levi believe him? Will it make matters better or worse?

In general, I enjoyed this western love story about forgiveness and second chances. It has a great plot, interesting, flawed characters and, of course, a dog and lots of horses. The writing is great and the descriptions are clear and crisp. Without giving too much away, there is one reveal that disturbed me, although others may be completely okay with it. Other than that, I liked the story and look forward to seeing where the series goes next. Thanks, D.J., for a great start to a new series.





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 157 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 13-February-2019
Price $3.99 ebook
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