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Wholehearted (Hope Cove 2) by Cate Ashwood

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Romance / Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 27-March-2020

Book Blurb

One call changed my life forever.

A regular day turned everything upside down when dispatch sent me to the docks. It was there I found Lucas Hale, barely alive after being beaten and tossed off his fishing boat. The moment I lay eyes on him, I feel it in my bones that he’s mine to protect, so flying in the face of common sense, I offer to help him back to his feet after he’s discharged from the hospital.

Lucas is distant and detached, yet irresistible, and as my investigation continues, I skate dangerously close to crossing a moral line. But stepping over that line would topple my tidy life, and once that boundary is crossed, I will be forced to choose between Lucas and the law.



First edition published by Dreamspinner Press, December 2013.


Book Review

After being utterly entranced with book one in Cate Ashwood's 'Hope Cove' series, it was no wonder that I was excited to jump back into this little town in Maine. I really fell in love with Hope Cove, and its sense of unity and family. The people seem to care for one another, and I liked the small-town rhythms.

Declan hasn't lived in Hope Cove for very long, but he's fallen in love with it. He moved there from Austin, and he still hasn't gotten over what happened to him in the police force there. It's why the only two people who know he's gay are Mack and Oliver. When Declan answers a call and finds Lucas practically dead on the end of the pier, with the word FAG scrawled in his blood next to him, it trips all of Declan's protective and caring instincts. Not to mention, Lucas is beautiful. Too bad he's a bit of a brat with a major chip on his shoulder when he wakes up.

Lucas can't believe this guy he wakes up to in the hospital. Nobody is this nice and good. Certainly not anyone Lucas has ever known before. Lucas left home as soon as he could, not having much in common with his family, and certainly never telling them he was gay. He's been working on the fishing boats, most recently a lobster boat, where he was brutally assaulted by five other guys for being gay. Lucas just wants to forget about it and move on. He's been adamant from day one that he didn't want to press charges. Unfortunately, in an assault as severe as Lucas's, he doesn't get to decide whether to press charges or not, the State of Maine does.

This was another fun escape to a lovely little town I've grown to love. I wasn't as enamored over Declan and Lucas's story as I was with Mack and Oliver. That's not to say I didn't enjoy it, I did. There was a little too much insta for me, although if you enjoy that, then you'll love this book. It definitely qualifies as a sweet romance with a little drama and a lovely ending. Now I'm looking forward to the next book.





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Format ebook and audio
Length Novel, 210 pages/66000 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 20-March-2020
Price $3.80 ebook, $16.99 audiobook
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