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Willing Hands (Wild R Farm 4) by Silvia Onyx

Genre Gay / Paranormal / Cowboys/Cowgirls / Shifters / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 16-March-2023

Book Blurb

I’ve got a temper as wild as the bear I hold inside. Normally, I’m an easy-going, caring guy, but if someone crosses me, I’ll use my claws and shifter strength to teach them a lesson.

I’m lucky to have found a job at Wild R Farm. I shouldn’t hope for more, certainly not love, but when Ryan, our reclusive and very human horse trainer, gifts me with one of his rare smiles, I allow myself to get my hopes up.

He has darkness in his past just like I do, and it’s coming for him. I intend to prove to him that I will protect him no matter the danger, but is there any chance love could bloom in the midst of so much pain?



First edition independently published under author pseudonym, Silvia Violet, February 2014.


Book Review

It's good to be self-sufficient, but everyone needs help sometimes. It's a sign of strength, not weakness, to realize when you need it. For Ryan, of 'Willing Hands' by Silvia Onyx, trust doesn't come easy, neither does self-respect. Ryan has had ample reason not to depend upon other people since those who were supposed to care for him betrayed that trust. He's decided he's trouble and lives a solitary life; that is, until he meets Will. Ryan has feelings for Will that he can't define, but he's clear on one thing: he doesn't want to be alone any longer.

It's a bit hard to imagine that a large man like Will, a bear shifter, can be nurturing, but that is the way Will is. He's got a big heart, but, unfortunately has a huge temper to go with it. In the past, Will has lost control more than once. He's never had enough incentive to learn to control it. Meeting and falling for Ryan gives him the incentive to do so. He wants Ryan and is terrified of scaring him with his nasty bear gruffness. As their relationship slowly progresses, he learns that he needs Ryan's presence in his life, not just for sexual satisfaction, but for the balance Ryan brings with him.

My favorite thing about this series is the ongoing theme of unity and acceptance on the farm. Wild R reminds me a bit of the cartoon Rudolph -The Island of the Misfit Toys, where even though considered wrong by normal standards, the toys are unique, not able to be compared to any others and have come together in a place where they are recognized as special just the way they are. Each man at the Wild R brings their individual personalities and abilities to the group making it strong; Cole and his wolf pack work together to help and protect their own.

This is the fourth book in the series and, although they could be read separately, the experience of each is much more fulfilling if read sequentially. I recommend it to all of the Wild R fans out there as one of the best books in the series so far, and to readers considering the series for the first time. I encourage you to become acquainted with the wild and wonderful men of the Wild R Ranch. Thanks, Silvia, for another visit to the farm. I'll be looking forward to having more adventures with Cole and the gang.





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 189 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 16-March-2023
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