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Zenko (Tags of Honor 1) by Annabella Stone

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Agents/Spies / Military/Former Military / Romance / Action/Adventure
Reviewed by nakin1978 on 20-May-2020

Book Blurb

Finding an American civilian in a cave in Syria was not part of his mission brief. Zenko Marks, former Navy SEAL and member of the JSOC Task Force, has no idea who the mysterious man is, but he knows one thing for sure: he’s never left a man behind and he’s not about to start now—particularly one who looks at him with those stunning eyes.

Shaun Jacobson thought his number was up. Getting captured while undercover was never supposed to happen but getting rescued was a statistical impossibility, especially when he technically doesn’t exist on paper. The last thing he expected was a knight in shining Kevlar to ride in to save the day. Zenko is like no one he’s ever met before and while Shaun knows he should keep his distance he can’t help but want the man who rescued him from hell.

Can covert agents from two of the United States’ most secret teams allow their hearts to rule or will a joint mission between the teams cost them everything, their brothers and, worst of all, each other?


Book Review

Man, Annabella Stone knows just how to hit me where it counts with her books. With each new book that comes out, it makes me want more immediately. This book is an extension or spin-off for the Delta Force-Team Panther series. And I will tell you it will definitely leave you breathless and with so many questions that will not be answered until the next book in either this series or when the next Delta Force-Team Panther series book comes out. And I cannot wait! So many questions I want answers to.


Zenko is part of Red Squadron Team. They are an elite group of service men that not only do undercover work but also extractions and top-secret work. So when on a mission Zenko and his team mates happen across a cave with an American captive inside, they cannot and will not turn their backs on them. When Zenko is able to get to the captive, he is shocked at the way he is being held and the pain he must be in. But the man is alert and willing to do what is necessary to get out of the situation.


A it turns out, the man they rescued is Shaun. But what Shaun does not offer up as information for his rescuers is that he is a part of an elite military team as well and was captured while doing undercover work. The team he belongs to is known as Ghost.


Shaun knows he has to keep this information to himself but the more he gets to know not only Zenko but his team, the more he wants to open up to them. Yet he knows Rock would never allow that. Not only that, but Zenko and Shaun are getting closer on a personal level as well and it is getting harder to hide who he is from him.


When on another mission, Zenko and his team face danger and Shaun knows it is time to own up to who he is and bring out the big guns… the Ghosts to the rescue. What no one knows at the time is that Noble and Zenko from Red Squadron and Griff and Rock from Ghost all know one another. And moreover, Noble knows of Ghost as well as Rock knowing of Red Squadron. Even more unbelievable is that Rock and Noble grew up together and both men are connected to each other’s team in one way or another.


Once both teams are up to date on the other team and what has been going on, they realize they are connected in so many ways it is hard to not wonder who is trustworthy and who isn’t outside of their small circle of friends. When danger increases and lives are at stake for Ghost, Red Squadron, and Delta Force-Team Panther… someone is not going to walk away this time. And more than one life will be turned upside down.


This was such an exciting read. I honestly cannot wait for the next book for one of these series to be published. Annabella Stone is quickly working her way up my list of favorites as far as authors are concerned. I would definitely recommend this novel!





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Format ebook and print
Length Novel, 241 pages
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Publication Date 19-November-2018
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