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A Year and a Day (Fae Haven 1) by Elizabeth Silver and Jenny Urban

Genre Gay / Fantasy / Elves/Fairies/Sidhe / Romance
Length Novella, 146 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 13-May-2022

Book Blurb

Niall is bored with humans. Then he meets the perfect one for him.

Reserved, bookish Ben isn’t looking for a relationship. Then he meets Niall, a gorgeous stranger with a knack for avoiding direct questions, and tumbles headfirst into love. Niall is perfect in just about every way, right up until he leaves town for a short trip...and vanishes off the face of the earth.

A magical being trapped in his own realm, Niall has to fight to come back to this world for the chance to be with Ben. But by the time he gets back, more than a year has passed, and Ben refuses to believe Niall’s story of Fae and magic. It doesn't matter that Niall is bound to the truth and the rules by his very blood, not when it comes to Ben's broken heart.

With only a month to woo Ben back and earn a chance at staying here permanently, Niall is willing to try anything to be with the man he loves. Then Niall’s world spills over into this one, putting Ben’s life in danger and forcing them work together to save Ben before their stolen time comes to an end. All the forgiveness in the world won't do them a bit of good if they can't find a loophole to keep the rules from tearing them apart again--this time forever.

First edition published by MLR Press, September 2018.

Additional Information

Format ebook
Publisher Independently Published
Length Novella, 146 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 13-May-2022
Price $4.99 ebook
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