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Calling Your Bluff (The Love's a Gamble Series 2) by Saxon James at May Books

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Romance
Length Novel, 250 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 21-May-2020

Book Blurb


Four years ago, I met Liam Holdsworthy. 
Hot, snarky, and hiding behind a sadness I couldn’t place. I wanted him, even back then. There were only two problems. 
One, I was deeply closeted.
And two, he was dating my best friend. 
Now I’m retired from the NFL and openly out, there’s nothing to stop me from getting my gay on. 
When Liam comes back into my life, and I realize he’s single, I’ll find any reason to spend time with him. That’s how I created a list of gay first experiences I coax him into helping me with.
But I don’t just want his help.
I still want him.


After leaving a long-term relationship with a closeted NFL player, I went through a string of guys trying to find the one. None of them were boyfriend material let alone the forever type.
I’m looking for a guy to come home to. Someone serious and down to earth.
I’m definitely not looking for Cooper Zane. 
Yet, I can’t shake him, and not only because I’m helping him with his big bi bucket list. Every time I see him is like a shot of adrenaline to my system, and I’m always left wanting more. 
I need Mr. Serious, and Cooper’s the least serious person I’ve met. 
He’s newly out. 
He’s never had a relationship. 
And most importantly, he may be retired, but he’s not done with football.
He’ll do anything to get it all back. 
And I’m not prepared to be relegated to the sidelines ever again.


This book is light hearted and low angst. It can be read as a stand alone and features fun banter, gold hot pants, and a giant football player who loves to snuggle.

Additional Information

Format ebook
Publisher May Books
Length Novel, 250 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 21-May-2020
Price $3.99 ebook
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